Develop a system that allows you to charge an electric car almost instantly

The future is electric cars, fully committed to the environment, and much quieter, which will make our noisy and polluting cities today completely different from a few decades from now.

But the public is still reluctant to leap an electric car, due to the limitations of having to recharge the battery every few kilometers, something that in some cases can take up to several hours.

But now a San Francisco-based Startup, Ample, seems to have the solution, launching a network of charging stations that would be able to recharge an electric car in less than 10 minutes, and the key is interchangeable batteries, reported from Business Insider.

Ample, which is associated with Uber, provides services in San Francisco through two installed cargo parking networks. At the moment these installed charging stations are compatible with Uber's fleet but are working to deploy many more in other major California cities.

The size of the car would determine how many battery modules the electric car needs. These modules can be adapted to a lot of vehicles, as long as they are prepared in their design to support the modules.

Unlike the charging stations, we have seen on more than one occasion for electric cars where the vehicle is plugged in and the customer must wait between 45 minutes and 12 hours, what Ample stations do is remove the interchangeable batteries from the electric car and replace them with others that are already charged. Batteries that have been removed would be recharged at the station to be put on other cars a few hours later.

The driver does not need to even get out of the vehicle and can make the payment through an app. Directly the charging station detects the vehicle's removable battery to replace it with a fully charged one. At the moment the StartUp charges drivers in the Uber fleet per mile and is offering its services 10-20% cheaper than the cost of gasoline.

Such a battery exchange system would also help extend the life of the vehicle as it would not be limited by its battery that deteriorates with charges, but would be continuously receiving new batteries at these charging stations. Replacing a battery of a common electric car costs between $5500 and $16000 depending on the model, but ample technology-compatible cars would not support these costs.

Ample won't have it easy on the market, because there are so many other companies in the world that are using this interchangeable battery technology, and China, which is the industry leader in electric automobiles, already has an advantage with manufacturer Nio.

Interestingly Tesla already thought of this battery-swapping technology, but subsequently rejected it because it was too expensive a technology. Another Startup in Israel, Better Place, also invested in battery-swapping technology, losing more than $850 million along the way by not curdling the idea.

Ample says its modular proposal is cheaper than previous failed attempts on the market, and would also fit any car. They are already in talks to partner with one of the world's leading electric car manufacturers.

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