Elon musk to the found starbase, a city in texas that will house its businesses and projects

Elon Musk's initiatives are hardly unnoticed, whether curious, innovative, and/or eccentric they can become.

SpaceX's CEO recently confirmed that he is entering a new business: building cities.

Lately, Elon Musk has chosen to broadcast short messages on Twitter, playing in a way with the expectations and repercussions generated by his ads.

Just last Tuesday, Musk tweeted about "the creation of the city of Starbase, Texas." Alongside the tweet, in subsequent comments, he commented on some other details, among which he draws attention to his commentary in which he notes that the city will admit dogs and its leader will be The Doge, a possible nod to the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which is Musk's favorite.

SpaceX Incorporation Inquiry - Cameron County

Even though Musk plays quite a bit with the prank tone, sowing some mystery in passing, this is a serious project. The Starbase city will be located in the State of Texas, punctually in and around the Boca Chica village area. In that area, SpaceX's launch and development site for Starship is located, particularly in an unincorporated community in Cameron County, Texas.

A new impetus for an old village

In 1967, due to a hurricane, the town of Boca Chica was greatly affected. Although they have an electricity supply, this village still lacks a public water system.

For this area to effectively become a city, it may be necessary to carry out more formalities and implement further improvements in the area. SpaceX, as the anchor company of this project, has already started talks with local authorities to turn the area mentioned into a city.

SpaceX Incorporation Inquiry - Cameron County

This ambitious project has already been confirmed by the judge's office in Cameron County, Eddie Treviño, Jr. Through a statement, they noted that "in recent days, SpaceX officially approached Cameron County regarding Elon Musk's interest in incorporating Boca Chica Village into the city of Starbase, Texas. Earlier today, the Cameron County Court of Commissioners was informed of SpaceX'seffort."

The judge also added that"If SpaceX and Elon Musk wanted to follow this path, they must comply with all state incorporation statutes. Cameron County will process any appropriate request following applicable law, "clearing doubts about any special treatment of this proposal.

Cementing the road to Musk's dream

The holder of the world's second-largest fortune today is known for his longing to colonize Mars. This project is an important step in the realization of this project, as it would help to make Texas the main base of operations of its companies. Not for nothing Musk announced that he would move to this state, finishing off his properties in Los Angeles.

Adjacent to its launch center in Boca Chica, SpaceX has a rocket test facility in the city of McGregor. As projects, they are in the folder the construction of a manufacturing plant for SpaceX in Austin and a metaphoric from Tesla on the outskirts of that Texas city.

Outside of the management facilities that would entail the act of concentrating the activity of Elon Musk's companies in a particular city, at the legal level, this could generate a spectrum of protection for their businesses, being located in their own jurisdiction.

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