Google meet has a new view for mobile video calls

This new option is already being implemented for iOS users, and will soon be extended to Android.

New tile view for Google Meet on mobile

When we start a video call from Google Meet from the browser we have several settings for the participant's view. If we choose "Automatic" we will have up to 9 participants on screen, but if we choose "Mosaic" we add the possibility to see up to 49 participants at once in the view.

And of course, we can toggle the views between the content that is shared in a dissertation and the active user. However, Google Meet from mobile is a little more limited, unless you apply several tricks.

Google Workspace on Twitter: "Have a bigger impact on a smaller screen with #GoogleMeet tile view on your mobile device, rolling out now on iOS and coming soon to Android! 🙌 →" / Twitter

However, this is about to change thanks to one of its latest updates, as a new tile view will be deployed for the mobile version. So users will be able to see more participants on-screen during a video call.

As you see in the image above, this tile view takes advantage of the entire screen and allows you to include more participants. Yes, up to 8 users. Also, it provides some additional data, for example, the name of each user, highlights the participant who is speaking and includes the number of users left out of the main view.

While not ideal for a video call with large groups, it becomes a great choice for meetings with our friends or family on mobile. And this is just one of the new features that the Google team is preparing for the Google Meet app, as they also promised several features that will improve the user experience.

This new tile view is already being deployed on iOS while Android users will have to wait for future updates.

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