Spotify is the queen app as far as streaming music is, which we already have well clear, mainly because it is the most used in the world with a total of 345 million customers.

Although the service has a high-quality option for Premium clients, where it allows music playback at 320 kbps, there is also an option enabled by default that affects when it comes to having the best possible audio quality, we talk about the "Normalize volume" function.

This turns out to be a feature that even Spotify recommends disabling if what you're looking for is the best possible audio quality. However, it should be noted that when talking about streaming services, if the internet connection is not very good, that quality will be affected.

As for the function of normalizing the volume, we are talking about a tool that in theory helps us adjust the level of the tracks so that they are all heard relatively the same. This input sounds pretty good, as it saves the task of going up and down the volume with different songs doing it automatically.

And precisely because of this, the excellence we seek in terms of sound quality will not be possible to achieve, and that is because many artists and producers record their tracks with a higher or lower volume (usually increase it) for specific reasons.

Now, if you are already clear that that is not what you want for yourself or your experience when listening to music on Spotify, you will have to proceed to disable the function of normalizing the volume, and this can be done both on mobile and computers. The procedure to follow on smartphones is as follows:

– Go to the Spotify app and go to Settings, which is achieved by clicking on the gear icon in the top right.

– Find the Playback tab and turn off the Enable Audio Normalization feature.

If you usually play content from your PC, you'll need to:

– Go to the Spotify site and enter the App Preferences option.

– Then find the Music Quality section and turn off the Stabilize Volume lever: Match the volume of all songs.

Once this process is over, it's just a matter of tuning in to some music and noticing the changes that your music will already be playing much better in terms of its sound quality.

Spotify – Web Player

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