Huawei already has petal mail, its rival to Gmail, in the testing phase

Currently, several initiatives seek to create ecosystems of alternative applications to those of large technological ones, being those of ProtonMail one of the best known in this regard.

In fact, yesterday, those responsible for the alternative Brave web browser announced that they acquired the open search engine Tailcoat, developed by the previous Cliqz browser and search engine team, to soon launch Brave Search, a web browser focused on user privacy.

Huawei continues to advance the development of its alternatives to Google apps

Huawei, for its part, has also long developed its own alternatives to Google's apps and services as a result of the American veto reached under the Donald Trump stage, and that everything suggests that it will continue to be maintained for the time being.

Not being able to offer Google's apps and services since May 2019 on its mobiles, Huawei has been working hard to create its own equivalents to meet the needs of its users.

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Among them is also its own email service as an alternative to Gmail. In this regard, a year ago, the company applied for a patent for Petal Mailbox, the trademark of its new email service.

Now, some screenshots of the service itself begin to arrive, currently being in public beta under the direction of, although geographically limited to Chinese territory, so at the moment there is no international access.

During this stage, the company is committed to offering 100 yuan for feedback to users, thus seeking to make all the necessary improvements, and even some features that may be missed may come.

According to these captures, it is a modern and functional service, both for desktop systems and mobile devices, offering basically what one expects from a basic service of these features, with virtually no additional functions that make it complex.

It will be a matter of waiting for this service to evolve before allowing access to international users, with which to become a more Gmail alternative, one of the most popular services of Google in much of the world.

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For those who prefer European options, alternative options there are many, such as the aforementioned ProtonMail, among others, although the new email service of Infomaniak, a web hosting service based in Switzerland, is gradually reaching more countries, although impatient or early adopters can always resort to VPN services and several disposable mobiles that work to obtain an email account.

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