In the future, there will be no cookies for advertising

Cookies are the enemies of privacy, or so they have been selling it to us for years. Logically that is very relative, it depends a lot on what is stored in a cookie and what is done with the stored information.

A cookie is responsible for preventing us from constantly identifying ourselves on a website, although it may also store our name and preferences on any subject for another app to use the information unfairly.

The case is that in search of a regulation it was at the time to conclude that it was best to put the whole Internet with a message of cookies in front of the websites for users to accept the subject.

Google wants to change this and proposes a website without cookies, but for this, you have to have an alternative that serves to offer personalized advertising.

In an article published a few hours ago, Google talks about the risks of third-party cookies and the future of digital advertising. It states that a year ago they announced that Chrome will eliminate support for third-party cookies and that they were working on the Privacy Sandbox to find effective solutions while maintaining user anonymity so that it is also profitable for advertisers and publishers.

Google is going to delete cookies and bet on a more private website (

They now state:

When third-party cookies disappear, we will not create alternative identifiers to track users browsing the network, nor will we use them in our products.

Other providers will indeed be able to offer identifiers at the user level, but Google will not, and believe that these solutions based on invading user privacy will not survive regulatory restrictions.

Google's proposed solution will be API-driven, preserving privacy because it won't know whose information you're getting.

This way users should not have to accept being tracked on the network, cookie acceptance banners may disappear, and in the next Chrome update, it will start testing publicly. Google Ads advertisers will be able to see results in the second quarter, and Google AdSense users might also see changes. 

Google is going to delete cookies and bet on a more private website (

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