Methane leak blows up Elon musk's last ship

SpaceX, one of Elon Musk's companies, continues to test with the Starship to see if it manages to take off and land again smoothly, which is not easy due to its size. It is 50 meters high, weighs more than 1270 metric tons when loaded with fuel, and is supposed to carry more than 100 tons of cargo and passengers.

The point is that its latest prototype, the SN10, did everything right, went out, and landed vertically after reaching 10 km altitude, but by the time it was already on the ground, after a few minutes, it exploded.

Vertical landing is very important, as this ship will be responsible for taking humans to Mars, although it will first perform a manned flight around the Moon in 2023. It will take a lot of evidence before someone takes the courage to enter such a ship.

In these videos you can see the moment, right on this link:

The SN8 flew on 9 December and rose 12.5 km in the air before crashing into an explosive accident when it hit the ground too fast. The SN9, flown from February 2 to 10 km altitude, experienced virtually the same luck during its landing attempt. Both missions attempted to use only two of the spacecraft's three engines to land. SN10, on the other hand, used all three.

Elon Musk's SpaceX Starship SN10 rocket EXPLODES moments after test flight due to 'methane leak' (

As we read in The Sun, the problem has been a methane leak, although there are no details on the subject.

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