Microsoft changes the way news is displayed in windows 10

Microsoft is preparing changes in Windows 10 beyond the operating system's own functions.

Microsoft is preparing changes in Windows 10 beyond the operating system's own functions.

You want the news that appears in the taskbar to be relevant to the user. And of course, they have a presentation design that's nice and easy to use.

New design for news in Windows 10

Let's remember that Microsoft announced earlier this year that it was bringing a weather and news widget to the Windows 10 taskbar. The idea is that it becomes a mini information center for the user, without having to open the web browser.

And now you want to go one step further to improve the user experience. One of the things the Microsoft team is focusing on is giving you a face-to-face wash of how to present the news in Windows 10. You want the new design to be attractive, encourage the user to consult this section and interact with the information.

To do this, it is developing a new design and several functions, as already seen in one of its latest versions of the Insiders program. As you can see in the image above, they have paid attention to different details.

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21327 | Windows Insider Blog

For example, they have focused on highlighting headlines more and adding more vivid colors to news cards to get users' attention, as well as more information to give context. And the experience Microsoft wants to provide goes beyond the taskbar, so when the user chooses "See more news" the design line will still be in the web browser view.

These bright card dynamics will also be reflected in Microsoft Edge. And of course, options will be included for the user to leave a reaction, like, save the article or decide to share it on social networks.

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