Microsoft teams already have live transcripts thanks to AI


Yes, live transcripts of meetings are now starting to be deployed to Teams with all the benefits this offers users. At the moment, this feature is only available in English.

Microsoft Teams is now starting to deploy live transcripts to scheduled meetings. In this first stage, it will only be available in English, but it already allows us to preview its dynamics.

... it uses a meeting invitation, participant names, attachments, etc. to improve accuracy and recognize meeting-specific jargon for each transcript automatically, without any human involvement. This means that no one at Microsoft sees meeting content and models are automatically deleted immediately after each meeting

This is not an option that is enabled by default, so the administrator will need to configure it before starting the meeting. When this happens, each participant is notified that the transcription function is enabled and given the option not to be identified during the process.


And once the meeting starts, Teams will capture automatically, and in near real time, what is said during the meeting while identifying the speaker at all times. This transcript will not only be available during the meeting, but will also be retained so that any of the participants can consult it.

Participants will be able to find the transcript in both the chat and the event created in the Teams calendar for the meeting. They can take a look from Teams or download the file to their team.

An excellent option that will allow us to keep up with the meeting if we are late, do not have a good audio or have to leave the video conference earlier than expected.

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