New Google Nest Hub 2: Futuristic controls and an incomprehensible absence

The Google Nest Hub arrived in Spain during 2019, and although we generally liked it, over time Google's smart screen experience has consolidated with continuous improvements in software, from a more advanced interface to receiving integrations with streaming platforms such as Diseny+ or Netflix.

The company has decided to present its second generation with several key improvements and a very difficult absence to justify.

Google Nest Hub 2 leak details specifications and pricing info (

New Google Nest Hub: 4 key improvements and 1 fatal bug

If you liked the original Nest Hub at the design level, its successor is practically the same, with the novelty that the speaker fabric is now available in 4 colors: the classic chalk and charcoal, in addition to the coral and blue colors. These speakers, although they have the same appearance, stand out for getting 50% more bass power, an improvement that's not bad at all.

As a smart speaker, the next generation has a little more intelligence by incorporating a dedicated processor to recognize multiple commands without an internet connection, although it only works in the United States.

As a third addition, we have the addition of Soli, the sensors to make gestures in the air that already debuted the Pixel 4. On a smart screen, it adds a lot of added value and never gets too much.

Another of Soli's abilities is the ability to observe yourself while you sleep to analyze your sleep patterns. Being a radar capable of detecting any type of movement, Google wanted to take advantage of its capabilities in this functionality.

Google Nest Hub: New version can track your sleep with radar (

Soli is great, but in this model, Google has been left out something fundamental, and it is the camera for video calls. Given the context in which the original model was released, it was understandable to some extent that I didn't have a video call camera (and yet, I brazened it me to give away my mother and ended up with a Lenovo Smart Display 8), but after what happened in 2020 it's hard to justify that the second-generation Nest Hub still doesn't integrate a camera to make calls with Duo.

Although we're not surprised either, we're used to googling hardware in terms of one lime and one sand hardware. More in Spain, a country where it will not be for sale yet.

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