Realme 8 Pro, contact and first impressions

We tell you our first impressions of the realme 8 Pro after a multi-day contact with this new aspiring mid-range king. Competition isn't going to make

Realme 8 Pro,

We tell you our first impressions of the realme 8 Pro after a multi-day contact with this new aspiring mid-range king. Competition isn't going to make it easy for you, but the truth is that it has arguments for fighting in a very complicated segment.

We have just attended the presentation of the realme 8 Pro, a mobile that arrives accompanied by wearables as interesting as the true wireless Buds Air 2 headphones and the Watch S Pro, but that for its features, is the one that will claim all the attention today.

And it is that, we are facing a new terminal that wants to be one of those that we recommend yes or yes when asked for good, beautiful and cheap mobiles in the mid-range and, although the competition with the Redmi Note 10 Pro and the new Little is going to be fierce, it has really done me a very, very good thing: create a very balanced mobile.

Next, we tell you about our experience with the realme 8 Pro in this contact in which we see the main features, which we liked the most, what we least and in which we leave you a lot of photographs made with the terminal since the camera is one of the strengths.

Realme 8 Pro,

Personality and a SuperAMOLED panel that shines with its own light

Let's start by talking about the design. And it is that realme has opted for a design that attracts attention and for a relatively contained size and weight if we take into account the rest of the market and the trend of ever-larger screens in all ranges.

The mobile is about 16 centimeters tall and yes, it is not compact, but it is more comfortable than those that go 164 mm onwards. The thickness is 8.1 millimeters and the weight is only 176 grams. The reason is that realme has not used glass, but a polycarbonate that feels of quality and also has a rough finish that improves grip.

It is a really comfortable mobile in the hands both by the dimensions and weight and by the touch of the rear, which is 'broken' with the realme slogan and in which the marked footprints do not stay. Good point for the terminal.

In that rear stands out a camera module that does not go precisely unnoticed and on which there are already some jokes comparing it with a ceramic hob. It's not the prettiest we've seen in recent months, really, but the truth is, the back has a personality.

The sides are also made of plastic with a slightly different color and a flat finish. On the right, we have the whole button, which changes from the previous generation.

On the left side, now, we only have the DualSIM module plus a microSD and at the top, we only find one microphone. At the bottom, we have another microphone, the only speaker, the USB-C, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Realme 8 Pro,

And if we move to the front, we see that we have the call headset next to a generous light sensor to regulate the automatic brightness on the top frame and the front camera in an on-screen hole in the left corner. It's not the smallest on-screen hole on the market, but it doesn't bother when viewing content and notifications.

If we see screen features, we have a 6.4" SuperAMOLED panel that looks really good. I like the color treatment that this panel has, the brightness seems to be more than good for outdoors, the automatic brightness sensor is fast and accurate and the colors are wonderful.

realme allows us, through different software options, to profile the color to leave it to our liking, and this is always interesting on mobiles with OLED/AMOLED panels. The resolution is 2,400 x 1,080 pixels and the "negative" point is that it only has 60 Hz of a refresh.

 realme 8 Pro
Screen6.4" SuperAMOLED Panel | 90.8% of the front is screen | Resolution of 2,400 x 1,080 pixels | Maximum brightness of 1,000 nits | Sampling 180 Hz | 60 Hz soda
ProcessorSnapdragon 720G
Storage128GB UFS 2.1
Main camerasMain 108 Mpx f/1.9 | 8 Mpx f/2.2 wide angle | 2 Mpx f/2.4 macro | Depth of 2 Mpx f/2.4
Front camera16 Mpx f/2.45
Battery4,500mAh | 50 W load | Charger included 65W
Operating systemAndroid 11+ realme UI 2.0
Dimensions and weight160.6 x 73.9 x 8.1 mm | 176 grams

RealmeUI 2.0 is indeed highly optimized and the transitions are very smooth, but we would have liked to find 90 Hz, at least, both for the sensations when navigating system and applications and to be more on par with the competition.

Sampling is high-refreshment, 180 Hz which allows the display response to be virtually immediate and I can't say, much less, that the mobile feels 'slow', but that 90 Hz would have come great to a layer like realme.

It is a good mobile to consume multimedia and the sound, although not stereo, meets a well-sized range. We'll go into detail in the analysis, but for now, we leave you an example of what this mobile sounds like:

It is, in short, a very comfortable design on your hands with a good screen to consume content that does not fail in something fundamental such as the maximum brightness level.

Realme 8 Pro,

An old acquaintance is angry with Android 11 and the new realm 2.0

If we go inside, we have the Snapdragon 720G. It is a processor that is by no means new and which, in fact, lays somewhat behind the SoC used in direct competition, a Redmi Note 10 Pro that is its main competitor.

We are talking about an SoC that is the same as the previous generation, the realme 7 Pro, and that continues to perform very well without being at the forefront of technology in the mid-range. It has the Adreno 618 as a GPU and the processor is an eight-core in which two go to 2.3 GHz and the other six to 1.8 GHz.

Initially, only the version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage was going to reach our territory, but to be able to offer an even cheaper option, it will release the 6 GB version as exclusive to Amazon.

The system moves really well can with all kinds of tasks. In heavier games like Genshin Impact or Fortnite, we notice that we can't put them to the max, but I haven't had excessive warm-up.

Realme 8 Pro,

Having a chip like the 720G is not, what is said, exciting, but the truth is that I prefer an older and less powerful chip with an optimized system... that more power and a system that goes not as well as it should.

Optimization plays a fundamental role in any mobile and despite the 60 Hz of the screen and the Snapdragon 720G, I have noticed a very fluid and stable performance at all times at the system level.

Mobile arrives updated to Android 11 next to the realmeUI 2.0 customization layer. The company has promised that it is a faster, stable, and safer layer than the previous one and the truth is that in speed and stability we do notice a step forward.

 realme 8 ProRedmi Note 10 ProLITTLE X3 NFCRealme 7 ProOppo Reno 2Motorola Moto G 5G Plus
ProcessorSD 720GSD 732GSD 732GSD 720GSD 730GSD 765
PC Mark8.9998.1868.2257.8837.3518.269

It gets along with multitasking, the memory is not UFS 3, but the truth is that the system speed is remarkable and we will tell you more in the analysis of the realme 8 Pro within a few days, but I like this layer. I find that it has enough customization options, it is attractive and not a simple clone of ColorOS.

On unlocking methods, we have an on-screen fingerprint and a facial recognition system using typical Android photos. It is an accurate system and that, without being the fastest we have seen recently, works stably.

Realme 8 Pro,

4,500mAh and 50W fast charging, but with a 65W charger in the box

When I first had my phone on my hands, not knowing the features yet, I thought "what an energy it is, we'll see the battery." And, indeed, the thickness and size of a mobile directly affect the batteries as they are currently composed.

We have a 4,500 mAh battery that is not too much considering what we see in other companies and that, with my use, has given me an intensive day without problems. I thought it was going to be less due to the high brightness of the panel and my use, but the Snapdragon 720G is very optimized as well as the system, and the truth is that the terminal holds up well.

You have to wait for the analysis, but I've had between six and a half hours and seven and a half hours of the screen a day, which is not bad considering that 4,500 mAh. In synthetic tests, I have recorded 8 hours 50 minutes with 100% brightness. It's not too much, no, but I remind you that the brightness is quite high.

Realme 8 Pro,

What I really liked is fast charging. We don't have wireless charging, just cable, and the maximum it holds is 50W that allows you to charge 50% in 15 minutes and 100% in 45 minutes.

It is a fast charge more than enough and it is very fast both for power and because it only has to fill 4,500 mAh. And yes, I still think it's crazy to have 100% of the load in three-quarters of an hour.

A curious thing is that the SuperDart charger that includes realme is not 50 W, but 65 W. And it's funny because there are other companies with mobiles that support 30W loads that put the 33 W charger in you, but here we have a difference of 15 W of power.

And yes, with this charger you can charge other devices quickly and, besides, I've been charging my MacBook Air M1 this week, and it's faster than the charger that comes with Apple's laptop.

Realme 8 Pro,

108 megapixels that allow a new digital zoom that gives the pego

But let's move on to the cameras, as the competition is also getting tough in this price segment at the photographic level. The main camera has 108 megapixels and an f/1.9 aperture. It's not stabilized, but the truth is, I haven't had any trepidation problems in any situation.

We can take full-size photos, but also at 12 megapixels thanks to a pixel binning technique that joins nine pixels to form a larger one. If we pull at full resolution, we can make an interesting cut, but the truth is that if we make a 100% cut we start to see a watercolor effect that, honestly, I don't like too much.

Memory performancerealme 8 ProRedmi Note 10 ProRedmi Note 9 ProLittle X3Oppo Reno 4ZRealme 7
Sequential writing167.72 MB/s209.29 MB/s102.88 MB/s200.24 MB/s157.41 MB/s145.95 MB/s
Sequential reading239.25 MB/s415.19 MB/s420.32 MB/s495.76 MB/s488.54 MB/s233.69 MB/s
Random writing14.78 MB/s19.38 MB/s19.29 MB/s14.73 MB/s23.50 MB/s17.19 MB/s
Random reading11,84 MB/s17,25 MB/s14,06 MB/s19,03 MB/s15,51 MB/s14,89 MB/s
Copy speed in memoriia4.89 GB/s4.83 GB/s4.75 GB/s4.76 GB/s6.10 GB/s4.9 GB/s

In automatic mode, the mobile performs a color processing that I liked and, also, it is very versatile, getting beautiful photos without having to retouch contrast or saturation afterward. They are not the most "flat" photos to edit later, as they are very processed, but if you like vibrant colors, you will like this processing.

And the fourth sensor is a monochrome sensor that is "hidden" in the camera app's software options. There are many capture modes that we will see in the analysis, but we have already advanced that we have liked at the general level.

We will see the section of the camera in depth when we publish the analysis, but the truth is that it has convinced us in this first week of use.

Realme 8 Pro,

Tightening the mid-range more

We have left things in the inkwell, such as more concrete and detailed notes of the software (which is a big surprise) and more photographs, but this is still an article of first impressions of the realme 8 Pro and we will cover all the topics in-depth in the analysis within a few days.

The important thing is that, in this first week of use, the terminal is convincing us. It is true that it crashes, at first, to have a panel at 60 Hz, but it is also true that the Android 11 + realmeUI 2.0 system is so optimized that it is fast, stable, and with very smooth animations. It reminded me, saving the distances, to iOS in this regard, that it is going really well on mobiles at 60 Hz.

Realme 8 Pro,

The Snapdragon 720G has a time behind it, but it still performs well in all tasks and the design has convinced me. It's not the most premium (it doesn't feel like one either), but it's a very comfortable mobile in hand and certainly light for what we're used to.

The screen is very interesting to consume multimedia and the main camera has totally convinced us. However, we continue to regret that manufacturers continue to put 'adornment' sensors like that monochrome or black and white because if they weren't, that development cost could be used to improve a wide-angle that often goes unnoticed.
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