Realme: from series 5 to 8, the obsession with developing the most advanced smartphones at the best price


The realme brand is responsible for facilitating access to affordable phones with four cameras, 90 Hz display, AMOLED panel, or 65w fast charging. Now reload with the realme 8 Pro, a 108-megapixel camera terminal that will launch on March 24 at a global event.

In October 2019 he made his gala in Madrid to make himself known in Spain, in an event that involved not only his arrival in our country but also the confirmation of his commitment to the European continent.

Realme started operations in Europe with the milestone of being the fastest brand to reach 8 million phone shipments in less than 1 year. Its vocation, since then, has been to make available to all users devices with advanced features at the best possible price. After a year and a half of travel in the Spanish market, we can say objective achieved!

How has this process been? The first milestone was undoubtedly the arrival of the realme 5 Pro, a terminal that was a before and after for photography fans. It was the first smartphone to have a quad rear camera with a price of fewer than 200 euros. Also, the main lens of this quartet had 48 megapixels, no less. And his selfie camera was 16 mp with Sony IMX 471 sensor

The quad-camera was a functionality highly desired by users in 2019, given the creative possibilities it offers: play with the bokeh effect, take photos of plants and animals in macro mode, make the most of the wide-angle to show the beauty of certain landscapes, etc.

The configuration of the device with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage began to be marketed at a starting price of 199 euros. Its formula was a success and received a great reception among young audiences, reaching in its first months the 18 million units sold.


More cameras and a high refresh rate

The 6 series of realme retained the four rear cameras, carrying the main lens up to 64 megapixels. Also, the realme 6 Pro went a step further, reaching half a dozen lenses (counting its dual front camera).

On the other hand, the 6 series brought new flagship specifications to the mid-range. The realme 6 landed in Europe in April 2020 and stood out for including a screen with an ultra-fluid 90 Hz refresh rate.

This refresh rate is ideal for gamers because it allows games to run on a smartphone without any visual delay or lag. This specification is also useful for using programs and apps with a lot of graphics or audiovisual load.

In series 7, realme decided to reinforce another feature that I had already been betting on fast charging. This new batch of phones, introduced in October last year, rated for incorporating the fastest load in its range. The Chinese manufacturer accompanied the realme 7 Pro 65w SuperDart charging technology. With it, this model can load up to 13% in just 3 minutes and reach 100% in 34 minutes.

They also advocated endowing their realme 7 Pro with a Super AMOLED display, a feature that allows a spectacular viewing of the contents on the screen with amazing color.


The legacy continues with the realme 8 Pro

The latest addition to the realme family is the realme 8 Pro, it's the new top of the range. It incorporates a spectacular 108-megapixel camera, making it the company's first device with such a lens.

Its main component is the latest generation of Samsung's 108Mp HM2 sensor, which, being compatible with the 9-in-1 binning pixel, ISOCELL Plus, and Smart-ISO, provides the terminal with great capabilities to be able to take perfect snapshots in different light conditions.

Thanks to their built-in Zoom In-sensor technology, 3-magnification zoom photos are sharper than those captured by some optical telephoto lenses. Astronomy and nighttime photo lovers will also love its constellation mode or Starry Mode, with which you can capture the starry sky on video using time-lapse.

The photographic section of the new realme 8 Pro also stands out for the diorama effect. It makes only one area of the photo clear and the other areas appear out of focus, to give the impression that miniature objects are being captured, as in a mock-up.

With a focus on privacy

Also, the realme 8 Pro is the first to be released with the realme UI 2.0 customization layer, based on Android 11. It is more secure, faster, and smoother and brings new possibilities to realme UI, one of the most customizable operating systems seen to date.

To take care of the privacy of its users, the company has provided its flagship with Deepsea, a program that guarantees the security of personal data and private information. In this private space, it is possible to save protected apps and files by password.

The smartphone launches in Spain on March 24 and will be accompanied by the new Realme Watch S Pro smartwatch and the realme Buds Air 2 wireless headphones. The first has 15 training modes and a blood oxygen meter, among many other features. As for Buds Air 2 realme, they incorporate active noise cancellation (ANC) thanks to its realme R2 chip.

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