Rocket Lake-S processors take gaming performance to the limit: play like never before

Talking about computing means being aware that in a short time the equipment and components that years ago made a difference have been left behind. New challenges are becoming increasingly present and manufacturers need to step up. Therefore, if you want to be up to date, the best way to achieve this is by following intel's progress regularly.

Rocket Lake-S is Intel's new solution for any type of user by optimizing their desktop computer like never before and being able to enjoy it to the fullest, especially if you are a fan of video games. But to know all the improvements that this new architecture brings, you have to understand the context and the reformulation it brings to computers.

All that has to do with 11th generation Intel Core processors is synonymous with revolution and taking computers one step ahead. Let's look at it in more detail.

New challenges in the gaming world

If you are up to date with the gaming world you will already know that the graphics performance needed to thoroughly enjoy the latest developments has made an important breakthrough. The game consoles have improved with the latest generations presented and the computers are up to the task so that gamers do not suffer a loss of quality with their desktops.

The definition is getting higher, but also what you don't see, rather feels, like fluidity in the graphics and the rapid response to reactions while playing. A company like Intel is aware of every detail required by both industry and user to achieve an immersive experience with Triple-A games.

The goal with the new S series is to be the engine of the equipment to take them to the maximum expression, even to limits that were not previously thought, and to achieve it one of the main advances has been placed in overclocking; that is, to achieve the highest clock frequency. With Intel, you can change the frequency of DDR4 RAM in real-time to meet the demands of each moment.

Features and what's new in Intel Core S Series

The 11th Generation S-Series intel core processor is a revolution within Intel by leaping a more advanced node with the 14nm manufacturing process that outperforms the competition. To understand this movement you need to know that more than 200 of the leading game developers have been worked on and understood that the current approach requires fewer cores and better architecture.

Some have been surprised that fewer cores are now used than with the previous generation, but a sample of what has been achieved is the Intel Core i9-11900K with 8 cores and 16 wires reaching a base frequency of 3.5 GHz and 5.3 GHz boost (4.8 GHz on all cores). This range cap achieves greater efficiency in sequential and serial tasks at the same core.

Cypress Cove architecture has been key in this movement, with an increase in instruction performance per cycle (IPC) reaching 19%. But the improvement provided can be noted above all in intel UHD's integrated graphics performance, which incorporates intel xe architecture and exceeds 50%. The user who has not tried it only has to imagine how to feel this difference on their computer.

For the gamer, but also the average user

You shouldn't think of this Intel novelty as just focused on video game fans. They are the ones who will be able to enjoy it the most with their favorite love of the graphic demands that it requires to go to the latest with the games, but in these times all users need advances in their teams to adapt to the current context.

Over the past year, some of the changes seen in the past regarding the use of computers have been enhanced. We work more with desktops in homes, there are more and more telework, video calls, and, of no, streaming continues to grow with so many platforms while extending 4K.

This requires greater power in the computer engine. More and more activities are done and usually in a simultaneous way. This is where Rocket Lake-S's performance optimization and overclocking features are especially noticeable, capable of adjusting to real-time needs and making equipment more reliable and faster running, without interruptions, slowness, or feeling that your computer crashes.

Intel always accompanies the user

Being a leading processor manufacturer means walking the path of the future alongside users and industry, putting in your hands every tool possible for you to enjoy and work worry-free. This is where Intel has earned a name for himself, especially with the different generations of processors reaching a new milestone thanks to Rocket Lake S.

With the 11th generation Intel Core processors, not only has the greatest efficiency achieved, but also the possibility of bringing desktops to the limit, wherever the user did not imagine empowering them, to safely reformulate and update the possibilities they offer, from the improvement in the use of RAM to the more than outstanding jump that is provided at the graphic level.

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