Sony unveils 6 new VR games for PS4 and PS5 by surprise, including Doom 3 VR Edition

In case anyone had any doubts about their support for the platform, Sony has just unveiled six new VR games to make the wait more enjoyable until the arrival of PS VR 2 next year.

In recent months many virtual reality fans (including myself) had accused Sony of being too passive in their support of the platform. We don't know if the Japanese company wanted to shut up or just moved on with its development plan, but after presenting the new PS VR 2 glasses last week, it today has shown six new VR games to be released in 2021 on PS VRon both PS4 and PS5.

These are six very interesting titles that touch different genres, so I'm sure all PS VR users will discover one that interests you.

The most expected by most will be Doom 3 VR Edition. The classic Id shooter finally comes to virtual reality in a version that is much more than just a port.

This adaptation debuts a new interface based on virtual hands, where markers such as life or inventory are displayed on the player's wrist. It also supports the Aim Controller, the shotgun to use in virtual reality, with a stick included, which is perfect for this game.

Doom 3 VR Edition includes both expansions of the game and is released very soon, on March 29.

Fracked is an exclusive game for PS VR that has been developed by nDreams, the company behind the exclusive for Oculus, Phantom: Cover Ops.

It is an action title where it is mandatory to use Move controllers with motion control since the player will have to do things like climb, throw themselves down a zip line, or ski using their hands and body. And of no, shoot the bad guys and cover themselves properly... He's going out this summer.

After the Fall is the new game from the creators of Arizona Sunshine. A shooter where you have to face unsecured creatures in a post-apocalyptic icy world set in 1980s Los Angeles. The most interesting thing is the cooperative mode for 4 players. It has full support for Move controllers and Aim Controller. It will be available for PS VR and PC VR and will be 19 this year.

More multiplayer games: Zenith, an MMO or online multiplayer game inspired by Japanese role-playing games. With everything, you expect in this genre: an open world with many things to do, various kinds of players, and the ability to play with hundreds of people at the same time in virtual reality.

Another very interesting novelty is Song in the Smoke, supervenience in prehistoric times but with a mystical setting. It will depart for PS VR, PC VR, and Quest this year.

Finally, I Expect you to Die 2 is the continuation of a VR classic. An adventure game where we must prevent them from ending our lives every few minutes by solving puzzles and using our reflexes.

At the introduction of their new Glasses for PlayStation 5, the PS VR 2, last week, Sony made it clear that "with both PlayStation VR and the next-generation virtual reality system we're building, our commitment to virtual reality as a means to gaming is stronger than ever."

Today it demonstrates this with these six new reality games for PS VR in 2021 that promise unique experiences, as only virtual reality can bring. We can't wait to play them!

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