The best vacuum cleaners for less than 17,387 Indian rupees on amazon

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most remarkable inventions we've ever seen in the area of household cleaning. And who doesn't like a clean, shiny house?

And what is the best way to achieve this goal in no time? That's right, with a vacuum cleaner. Below we will be showing you different models that you can get on Amazon for less than 200 euros.

We start with those who don't need cables, with automatics that use object and wall detection systems to vacuum controlled, most of the time, by an app on mobile.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

Cecotec Conga 1090

This modern 11,420 rating multifunction robot promises to be the solution to your problems as it performs the tasks of sweeping, vacuuming, and scrubbing, as well as having a special brush for pets. It has a downloadable control app to use, not to mention it also has voice control from Alexa and Google.

Its scrubbing function has 3 levels of scrubbing suitable for all types of surfaces, and also 3 general levels: eco mode, normal mode, and turbo mode. Available for 149.00 euros.

Cecotec Conga 1790

We continue with Cecotec and go to 1790, something more expensive since it costs 196 euros. In the video above we did a review of it. The Conga 1790 has a power of 2100 Pascale's (yes, in the video I said it wrong, I'm sorry).


119 euros for a very basic but effective robot in environments with smooth soil. It doesn't have much power, just 1800 Pa, but if there are no carpets or stuff stuck on the floor, vacuum properly.

Roomba 692

For 199 euros it is possible to buy an iRobot vacuum cleaner. It can be programmed from the app, and its power is decent, although they do not specify the number in the specifications. Customers complain about the noise, but if you're not home, no problem.

Now let's go get cable vacuum cleaners

Wired vacuum cleaners

Philips FC9332/09 PowerPro Compact

A vacuum cleaner with a cyclonic system has up to 12,454 ratings, which certainly makes it clear that it has a very good performance. Among its main features, it has a 1.5 L tank and an anti-allergic filter, which achieves power cyclone 5 technology that separates dust and air. You can get this good alternative for 99.99 euros.

Bosch Home BGC05AAA1

We now come across a sled vacuum cleaner option proposed by the renowned Bosch brand, combining power factors and hygienic cleaning. In fact, it has a HEPA H12 hygienic filter that prevents fine particles, bacteria, and allergens from remaining in the environment.

700 volts of power, 4.4 kg of weight, and a deposit of 1.5 L are what this Bosch product of 90 euros offers, in addition to presenting up to 2,548 ratings from the public.

Amazon Basics vacuum cleaner

Very interesting option to consider if you want a trusted vacuum cleaner that performs in the best way when used. This cylinder vacuum cleaner manufactured by Amazon Basics is used for cleaning hard floors and carpets, thanks to its HEPA air filter and its 700 watts of power.

The version we commented on has a size of 1.5 L and stands out for being quite quiet. If it is of interest you will be able to obtain this vacuum cleaner, which has 25,320 reviews to date, for 59.84 euros.

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