The concept of a floating and rotating hotel that wants to sweep Qatar


An incredible engineering project is being developed in Qatar, under precisely the concept of a hotel, which no one is surprised by since there in the Persian Gulf is where the biggest real estate bets are located for the future.

We are talking about the Eco-Floating Hotel, an ambitious work that presents the idea of sleeping in an eco-friendly 5-star hotel floating over the sea, plus its circular figure allows you to rotate on yourself to generate energy A complete work of art!

This creation is under the hands of Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS), which is based in Turkey and seeks to create the most eco-friendly and avant-garde hotel in the world. According to DesignBoom, it will be built in an area of approximately 35,000 square meters, giving space for more than 150 rooms with terraces and decks, Spa, sauna, gym, among other amenities.

As for the other luxury factors and own external amenities, the hotel will have indoor and outdoor pools, recreational areas, a golf course, a basketball court, as well as an imposing helipad and boat docking platform.


However, what undoubtedly turns out to be the most striking factor of the structure, in general, is its circular shape, which simulates a swirl of water. In fact, this glass formation can be seen from the top of the hotel that is hollow internally and passes through the center of the main hall, which in addition to being only an artistic section, has to do directly with the generation of electric power of the construction.

In addition to the above, you will have hundreds of green areas at their best, both in the indoor and outdoor areas, which is what will actually seek to stand out above all things, the use of all resources and the zero waste of energy and water. As for the latter factor, it should be noted that the vortex at the top has the function of collecting rainwater, not to mention that they will also have the possibility to filter and purify seawater to convert it into clean water.

According to predictions and what has been said in AMEinfo, they expect from Turkey and Qatar that this luxurious and renewable hotel will be fully completed in 2025, although for now it is only maintained in the design phase and construction work has not begun.

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