The Nintendo Switch Pro would arrive in 2021 with 7" OLED display and resolution up to 4K

Nintendo is going to increase the bet with the Switch and, after many rumors, information has been leaked in Bloomberg about what the new version of the popular device will look like. Indeed, Nintendo has long been expected to release a Switch Pro, and everything points to the next thing being at least one larger version of the console.

Nintendo Switch will go from 6.2 inches of the current model to 7 inches, a major change that will mean an increase in screen size, and therefore the entire device. But it will also implement a higher quality panel.

The new Switch will have a 720p OLED display, which will add that you will also be able to play 4K games on the TV thanks to the new Dock. This resolution is becoming more and more present and if it is reaching the mobile market, how can we not implement it in any way on the new console?

This Nintendo Switch panel will be manufactured by Samsung Display and the sources on which Bloomberg has been based to publish their information comment that the monthly target in production would almost reach one million units.

Although it will not be a bet in a distant time, the first panels are expected to reach Nintendo in July and work is being worked on to launch the new console to sweep into the next Christmas campaign. Although Nintendo and Samsung Display have so far refused to respond to Bloomberg about any aspect of the published information.

Nintendo Plans Switch Model With Bigger Samsung OLED Display - Bloomberg

You might think that, if you don't get too expensive the switch, it would be a bestseller by adding up a screen that stood out in such a clear way. It no longer competes only with other consoles, but also with mobiles that are becoming more powerful and in what continue to enhance the features focused on gaming.

We will see if in the coming weeks we have more news about it, but at the moment it seems that specialists consider the information published by Bloomberg reliable, so we can expect a new Nintendo success in 2021.

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Nintendo's console remains one of the best-selling in the world. It has a wide catalog of exclusive games and is the first hybrid console that can run games on TV or in a portable mode without cuts.

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