The WhatsApp Web breach that allows your contacts to see your location without permission

whatsapp web web

Through the computer version of WhatsApp, there is a trick that allows you to spy on other people's location without them knowing. A very dangerous game.

As robust as the codes of the applications we use are, there is always the possibility to find a small security breach that can undermine all established measures to preserve the privacy of users. This is the risk that WhatsApp Web users now face.

The computer version of WhatsApp is one of its most edible branches, it can be very useful but you have to use it with caution. On the adn40 web, they explain how you can know someone else's location without them knowing, through the Windows 10 operating system.

This is a small security breach that only works if both people are using WhatsApp Web at the same time, the spy and victim and if you use a Windows 10 computer to invade the other person's privacy. It's complicated, but it poses a considerable risk to many people.

The process, as explained in Business Insider, is to use Windows Task Manager. With this program, we can know all the applications and systems that are active and occupying the CPU of the computer. No matter if people use WhatsApp Web via an iOS or Android mobile, with this trick, spying is assured.

It should not be necessary to explain that this is an invasion of other people's privacy and can be a crime, if the other person does not want to tell you where they are, you must respect it.

Truco de WhatsApp para saber la ubicación de un contacto sin que la envíe | Business Insider España

  • Press Control+Alt+Delete to open Task Manager.
  • Now press Win+R to open Run and type cmd.
  • Then, in the terminal type "netstat -a -n" (without quotation marks) and press Enter.
  • Finally, enter this website (htttp://, but the IP address and this person's location will automatically appear to you.
whatsapp web web

How to protect ourselves?

Since we cannot expect everyone to meet the standards, we are obliged to exercise extreme caution when using new technologies. At our fingertips, we have the option to block GPS from mobiles and computers while we are not actively using it, so background applications will not be able to use it without our consent.

Use WhatsApp Web only when it is essential and do not keep the browser window open permanently. In addition to this security breach, others have been found before that can be a risk if we have WhatsApp Web open while we work.

On Android and iOS mobiles there is the possibility to check which applications have access to our data, such as location, and to be able to deny them access or accept it. Consulting this detail from time to time is a very useful security measure. You can also review your computer settings and see if you have the location turned on and for which apps: Settings < Privacy < Location.

Here's what we can do, while we expect WhatsApp and Windows to work to eliminate this security breach and strengthen privacy measures between these two systems.

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