The first day of Microsoft's Ignite Spring 2021 celebration is making many headlines. Among them is the demonstration of its new real-time collaboration platform based on mixed reality, Microsoft Mesh, a platform based on a series of technologies developed over several years on its Azure cloud platform, and that will allow offering a sense of the presence of members even if they are in different locations and from different devices, also facilitating interaction with different virtual elements.

In this regard, Microsoft Mesh will have a variety of applications, being, for now, its first two: the Microsoft Mesh application for HoloLens, which will allow users to collaborate remotely, representing each member through 3D avatar interacting in a virtual environment, and AltspaceVR adapted for Mesh, with which to organize meetings for virtual reality.

Introducing Microsoft Mesh | Here can be anywhere.

A futuristic mode of collaboration for businesses

Microsoft, hope to launch in the coming months a series of developer tools that allow them to create applications that facilitate the creation of 3D avatars, the organization of sessions, and even the development of virtual spaces to interact, among others.

It will also take time for Microsoft Mesh to have in addition to the feature of the holoportation, which they have offered a demonstration today, and which is basically a technology that offers the possibility to interact with remote participants represented in 3D photo-realistically through mixed reality through compatible devices, such as Microsoft HoloLens as if they were truly in person.

It's already a matter of Microsoft Mesh maturing and reaching more devices, with VR and mixed reality headsets, smartphones, tablets, and desktops coming up over time.

Microsoft Holoportation - Wikipedia

Also, there is a demonstrative video of its possibilities, which almost looks like a sci-fi film, only that Microsoft has been working on several technologies throughout all these years for what, so far we have seen as science fiction, begins to be a reality, or at least under mixed reality.

Companies that want to be aware of the news of this new platform will be able to fill out a form available on the official website. It's already a matter of Microsoft Mesh evolving to enable futuristic experiences of collaboration between members of the same organization.

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