Twitter spaces are now available on android with these features

Some users started watching Twitter Spaces in the Android app a few days ago, but now it's officially open to everyone. However, don't get so excited yet, as Twitter has limited some of its features.

Twitter Spaces now available on Android

While Twitter Spaces is still in beta, it has been expanded so that all Android users can test its dynamics. It's a breakthrough when you consider that it was only available to iOS users.

However, you'll find that the Twitter app on Android doesn't open up the ability to create your own rooms yet. It remains an exclusive feature for a small group of users on iOS, at least temporarily. But if you can join any Twitter Spaces you find or be invited.

Remember that as is the case with ClubHouse, this Twitter proposal gives users the ability to communicate through audio chats in private spaces. A feature that enhances the interaction on the platform, since you won't have to integrate any extra app and gives a bonus to those who feel comfortable expressing themselves through voice audios.

Of course, you also want to attract the attention of ClubHouse users, who already know the possibilities that this dynamic can bring in a variety of scenarios. Also, Twitter includes some extras to these private spaces, for example, subtitles, sending emojis as reactions, among others.

And on the other hand, you are working on new options to customize these spaces and give more information to those who wish to participate or who have already joined, for example, the possibility to add a name to the spaces and even see who has joined the room.

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