Whatsapp adds more options to customize the appearance of the app

WhatsApp continues to try new options to enhance the possibilities that the app provides to users.

While one of the most neglected areas of WhatsApp is the one that allows you to customize the dynamics of the app, it seems that new options will be added shortly.

Use different colors on WhatsApp

There are several features that WhatsApp is testing in its beta version, and that have users with certain expectations. And now another option is added: the possibility to change the colors or theme of the WhatsApp application, as mentioned in WABetaInfo.

Apparently, this new option will allow you to change the colors of different elements of the app's interface... text, buttons, wallpaper, etc. You may use Telegram-style dynamics, which allows you to choose between different themes to change the appearance of chats. A very complete dynamic, because thanks to the editor we can change the colors of the wallpaper, buttons, the message box, among other elements.

So without using any third-party apps or downloading any theme, you can customize the appearance of each chat in detail. A dynamic that maybe we could see on WhatsApp. Or maybe it's something simpler, offering options to change the overall appearance of the app.

At the moment, we don't know how WhatsApp plans to implement this new feature and how much freedom it will give users to customize the appearance of the app. So until it launches in the stable version of WhatsApp, you'll still have to rely on third-party tools to give the app a personal touch.

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