Xiaomi and its new pet shaver is the highlight of the gadget

They do this mainly through Youpin, their own crowdfunding platform that allows showing the new creations, such as precisely the new multifunctional haircutter for pets, who arrives under the Brand Mother. This is the highlight of her.

This hair-cutter system promises to be one of the best options to properly care for cutting, fur, styling, and controlling dirt on pet legs. In addition to this, we must add the fact that the same machine has a long suction nozzle, which allows leaving the place without any trace of hair, storing everything in the internal tank of 1.000mL through the suction system of 300W.

In terms of its measurements, weight, and accessories, we mention that its size goes by 290x132x210mm, which makes it look that it is a fairly compact product of reduced dimensions. Also, its weight does not exceed 2 kg, thus achieving a perfect balance between both parties. Finally, as regards the section of the accessories, we can see in the images the razor itself, a bristle brush, a similar barbed brush, and the nozzle to vacuum.

In general, it presents a well-presented design, with a futuristic touch maintaining minimalist ideals, which achieves a good visual harmony. Without a doubt, it is a product that every pet holder will love to keep with the best care to the furry of the home.

小米有品-坚持做感动人心,价格厚道的好产品 (xiaomiyoupin.com)

As has been said in Youpin, this machine is only being sold on Youpin, although it is likely that in the coming months we will see the product of 399 yuan (about 51 euros) on AliExpress, one of the best options to get merchandise from the Asian giant.

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