Youtube app was discontinued for third-generation apple tv

In the absence of alternatives, the only way to re-watch videos from the platform through these devices is through AirPlay, sending material from another Apple device to the TV.

Only tvOS devices continue to support

Apple TV models before 2015, from the third generation to the back, did not yet have tvOS, the operating system that Apple created for its TV box for that year.

Today, those devices are already discontinued, so they don't have official support. In the absence of any special agreement extending support for these devices, the YouTube app, probably one of the most used free apps in these instances, suddenly stopped working.

Since there is no web browser integrated into the Apple TV and the possibility of running apps from external sources is extremely restricted, the only way that currently exists to consume YouTube content from these devices again is through AirPlay, its wireless media streaming and screen mirroring technology, present on devices running iOS and macOS.

For their part, devices from later generations, such as Apple TV HD (fourth generation) and Apple TV 4K (fifth generation), will continue to be compatible with YouTube apps. Unlike their predecessors, these two models run tvOS and have a built-in App Store, still subject to support.

Those who possess devices affected by this decline are probably not completely surprised, despite how abrupt this particular situation was. This claim is based on nearly three and a half years since Apple offered an update for its third-generation Apple TV.

This is a pitiful situation. The short life of these devices, contrasted with their characteristic high price, inevitably turn their gaze to their competitive counterpart devices, such as those "TV Boxes" or "TV Sticks" of different brands that, by fractions of the price of an Apple TV, offer an experience that makes the weight of this solution for the domestic entertainment of the bitten apple.

Also, it should be noted that the smart TVs of recent years, in addition to supporting a wider ecosystem of applications, especially those that incorporate the Android TV operating system, also natively support AirPlay and Chromecast technologies, making these accessory devices less and less essential.

Just as YouTube recently fell, similar luck is expected for those services that still work on older versions of Apple TV. If you're using one of these devices, you still have time to find alternatives.

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