14 free apps and games for Android for a limited time

Información acerca de aplicaciones y juegos gratis para Android por tiempo limitado.

The Android app store usually has offers on games, icon packs, and utilities. What happens is that they usually hide this content and we don't see it with the naked eye, but that's what you have us for.

The list we've made for everyone, both for the juiciest and for that crazy personalization on Android and even for those who want to learn a new language or reinforce it if they already speak it.

This collection of free apps for Android consists of eight games, three icon packs, and three utility apps. We talk about a total of 14 free apps that you can download from today.

Descargar 14 aplicaciones y juegos gratis para Android por tiempo limitado.


    • Fast Video Splitter for Whatsapp: if you want an application to crop the videos you upload to WhatsApp states, this is your application. Free for six days.
    • Memorize: Learn Korean Words with Flashcards: with this application you can learn Korean, methodology that it uses is that of the cards to make it easier for you to memorize and associate the spellings of Korean and its meaning. Free for six days.

    • Camera (Teacher's Camera): One of you or you may be a teacher. For those in this situation, this application can be useful when it comes to explaining something in class as it captures the contents of the camera and emits it wherever we want: Meet, Zoom, Teams... Free for three days.
    • Alice: Lost Pieces: an escape room puzzle adventure game with steampunk aesthetics. Free for one day.
    • Assassin Lord: Idle RPG (BUFF): it is an RPG and fans of this genre will enjoy it, while the less versed in this type of game can be a good candidate to get started in the world of role-playing. Free for five days.
    • FASTAR VI - Shooting Star Rhythm Game: a game in the style of "Puzzle Bobble" in which you have to explore the spheres to advance in the following levels. Free for six days.
    • Healing Matching Puzzle: the classic puzzle game, move the pieces to get to find out what animal it is. Free for six days.
    • Survival Derby 3D - car racing & running gamestep on the accelerator and run away from the police while preventing them from wrecking your car, if you fancy a game with minimalist and car graphics, this is your choice. Free for six days.
    • G'Luck 2D platformer game: a platform game with a peculiar character who likes sweets and whose dentures he has seen better days. Free for seven days.
    • linear Mind Challenge Draw Your Path: the 500 levels of this game may keep you entertained for a long time, its gameplay is basic: it reaches the end of the route to advance.
    • Jumpers 3: an obstacle racing game with farm animals, little more can be asked to spend some fun. Free for seven days.
  • Color Metal: This icon pack focuses on metallic colors, if you're a fan of chrome plating you may want to customize your device with these icons. Free for six days.
  • Salpicons: although it sounds like a typical avocado of Andalusian gastronomy, this icon pack is expressionist and its design is reminiscent of colorful sticks. Free for six days.
  • Gloss Black: it is the most minimalist of the three packs, the colors are gray and black. Free for 7 days.

Everything free is over, this week we have left you with a collection of 14 items that you can download and that you will surely end up using. Our recommendation is that you are always aware of the Android app store so you don't miss deals like these.

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