7 reasons why the LG XBOOM Go is the ideal Bluetooth speaker of the summer. The difference, the nuances


Music is part of our lives. It's there for us when we need it, whether it's a sad moment or a joyful moment, both when we need to cheer up and when we need to calm down. If you really love music and want a speaker to enjoy it to the fullest, the LG XBOOM Go is the Bluetooth speaker you're looking for.

The amazing thing about this small speaker is its ability to play music with great power, but without losing sound quality. In fact, the main difference between this speaker and anyone you've seen that your friends or family have is in the nuances that you can listen to when playing music. When you turn on the LG XBOOM Go and play your favorite songs, you'll be convinced by that "WOW!!" that you only feel when you hear a high-quality speaker.

If you're looking for a new wireless Bluetooth speaker, here are the 7 Reasons You Should Value.

1.- Volume to the maximum without fear of distortions thanks to Meridian

Quality should not be limited to a specific volume alone. Who really likes music, listens to it at a very high volume. What stands out most about the LG XBOOM Go is s or ability to play sounds at the maximum volume level without producing distortions. Connect it via Bluetooth to your phone, launch your favorite music app, and turn up the volume. Although the music will be heard hundreds of meters away, the quality of every detail of the songs and voices will be present, being able to appreciate all the nuances of the music, as it was composed.

In addition to having high-quality components, it integrates a system developed by meridiancompany, which is responsible for many of the great advances in the world of sound over time. Thanks to them today we can listen to music on mobile in a digital format, because they were responsible for converting the analog signal to a signal that can be managed by digital devices such as computers, or like our smartphones today. the has a system called DSP developed by Meridian that manages these digital signals to make adjustments according to the songs we listen to and the volume level, achieving a perfect equalization where all the sounds shine while retaining the quality at all times. It doesn't matter if you're a professional listening to the last song you've recorded in the studio, or if you're partying on the beach with 100 friends, the sound quality is assured.

Conoce a La Bestia de LG, el equipo de sonido de alta potencia para tus fiestas


2.- Power to create a party wherever you go

 Let's talk about power, and we don't just mean a figure. The 30 W of power is not the only relevant thing. Your speakers are installed so that the sound is distributed in any room at 360 degrees. It's designed not to set limits. It doesn't matter if you're at home studying or working in a room, or if you're cleaning all over the house. It doesn't matter if you've gone with friends and are to a very big place, or if you're on the outdoor beach. The LG XBOOM Go fills any room with music and allows you to take the party wherever you go.

In fact, it has a special function called Sound Boost that reinforces the frequencies most perceived by the human ear and makes the sound go even further. A single LG XBOOM Go is all you need to create your own party. You won't lack power at any time, and your friends will freak out with the ability that you can have something so small to sound so loud and so quality.


3.- Graves reinforced so you can hear all the nuances

It's not just power, it's also an extreme sound definition. The brutal sound produced by the LG XBOOM Go stands out because it is capable of generating both the finest treble and the deepest basses. Precisely the most bass sounds are lacking small speakers, but not in the case of the LG XBOOM Go, which has woofers dedicated to the production of sounds at the lowest frequencies. In this way, we are not just listening to a melody without more, but we will get all the instruments to shine, that the voices are heard spectacularly, and that we enjoy high-resolution audio even for the finest ears.

This is thanks to the Dual Action Bass system that integrates the two bass units at each end, and are on the outside of the speaker, having the ability to unleash the power it has. You'll see the bass speakers vibrate to the beat of the music while producing the bass frequencies that are so important.


4.- Keep the beat from stopping with the 24-hour battery

So that the LG XBOOM Go can always accompany you, it has an immense power source inside. Its rechargeable battery offers us a 24-hour battery life, with the intermediate volume and lights off, so that we do not throw the cables in short and do not depend on a plug. It doesn't matter if you go to the peak of a mountain, or to a beach away from the urban center. It doesn't matter if you're in the middle of the countryside or if you're downtown. You have plenty of battery to accompany you throughout the day. This summer you'd better meet your friends abroad, but with the battery of the Go that won't be a problem, because it has all the energy you need to carry the power and music with you.

You can even have several days of battery life if you have an external power bank battery that we use with your phone, as the speaker charges just like our smartphone. In fact, the speaker battery can also be used in reverse. It has so much power that it can even help you charge your mobile's battery when it's already on edge by plugging your phone into the speaker.

5.- Party multiplied by 100 adding more speakers

With the LG XBOOM Go, it doesn't matter if you're 10, 50, or 100 friends. You can fill any music room at maximum volume and with exceptional sound quality. If your friends also take their LG XBOOM Go, they will be able to connect all to each other. The software it has synchronizes the music on all devices and will sound in perfect harmony.

It doesn't matter if you're on a friend's plot, or if you want to do a flashmob at your city's mall. LG XBOOM Go's technology allows you to connect up to 100 speakers to sound at once, so acoustic limits are set only by your imagination.

And if you prefer an afternoon of series and movies, you only need to tell one of your friends to bring their LG XBOOM Go to be able to connect them to the TV in stereo and have to surround audio with which you can enjoy the highest sound quality while watching your favorite movies and series.


6.- It will follow you wherever you go, even if it is at the end of the world

As it could not be otherwise in a speaker capable of creating beach or pool parties, the LG XBOOM Go has water resistance thanks to IPX5 certification. This means you can make a bomb without fear, start a war of water balloons, or get on the speaker on the boat knowing that no matter what happens, your music will continue to play, and bring out the highest quality.

Also, its compact design makes it perfect for carrying in a backpack, having a size very similar to that of a water bottle. Never before has such a speaker been so small, so easy to carry, and so sturdy and able to keep up with you. The nuances of the music you listen to will still be there even if you go to the end of the world.

7.- A speaker that shines with its own light

The icing on the cake is that it is not only a speaker that stands out for its ability to play a spectacular sound. The LG XBOOM Go shines with its own light, literally. And it has two LED rings at each end, integrated into the woofers that produce the basses. These woofers vibrate when generating the most serious frequencies. But the lights follow the rhythm of the music, both in the RGB colors that change adapting to the sounds, as well as in the level of brightness and flicker it produces. This helps to create an environment in which we not only have top-quality music but also have lights that go in harmony with what we are listening to. An extra that brings that touch of sophistication to a speaker in which every detail has been taken care of.

All this makes the LG XBOOM Go a unique Bluetooth speaker. Content in its size, but uncapped in its potency. Able to offer precision in the finest details and on every note it plays, and also to fill any room with music at full volume without producing distortions has so much power that it can even help you charge your mobile's battery when it's already on edge by plugging your phone into the speaker.

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