Andrew McCarthy is a photographer renowned for his incredible images of space. One particularity for which it is remarkable is to create your own methods to capture different stars in great detail. The last of them was the Sun of which was recently made headlines thanks to an amazing composition of it formed by more than 100 thousand images.

In this sense, McCarthy published a photograph of the Sun in which it is possible to observe this star in its maximum splendor, being able to have the opportunity to zoom in on the 230 megapixels that make up the image.

This image has been uploaded to Reddit, albeit in a reduced and compressed version, but it is still rich in the amount of detail it offers of this star to appreciate. Those who wish to see the image in full size can do so by subscribing to McCarthy's Patreon.

As far as the composition of the image is concerned, McCarthy applied some tricks to achieve it, including reducing brightness, to visualize the surface of the Sun as well as the stars in the background.

Also, Andrew explained how he had to resort to building a space solar telescope to regulate the excess clarity generated by the Sun when capturing the photographs.

This is how he obtained a lot of images of the Sun that served as a mosaic to create the final result. By delving into each panel of the image, you can realize that it is made up of thousands of photographs that helped achieve greater sharpness and resolution.

In addition to the Sun, the Moon has been another of the stars that have been captured many times by McCarthy, highlighting among these an image composed of 50 thousand photos, as well as an image in which you can see its hidden colors and from which you can observe an animation HERE

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