A monkey playing with Elon musk's neural link brain implant without using his hands

The goal of the Neuralink company is to create an implant that can be put in the brain to improve our skills in certain tasks, or to recover some loss due to an accident. The tests go slowly, but now and then some really eye-catching one is published, like the monkey's playing Pong.

Neuralink is focused on mind control, although Elon Musk has already said on several occasions that he does not imagine a future in which our brains do not have a major update integrating with Artificial Intelligence.

Now they have released a new update, with details of the hardware that has made it possible for a monkey to play pong with only his brain, without using his hands (seen from minute two).

In this video, it is possible to see how he used his sensor hardware and brain implant to record a baseline of the monkey's activity. The game is very basic because in the first phase he uses his hand to put a ball inside a square of colors, but in the second part, he uses only the brain to play Pongo.

Thanks to the first phase, Neuralink was able to use machine learning to better understand the behavior of the monkey, and finally was able to predict it accurately before the movement was actually made. The researchers then completely removed control and eventually did the same with Pong.

Watching an animal control a game with its mind is a really amazing thing. Recently we saw pigs using the device, but this time the ultimate goal of what it intends is even clearer. The same technology could be used to help paralysis patients manipulate a cursor on a computer, for example.

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