An app to have the autotune effect and tune the voice from your android

It is widely known that for a couple of decades, many artists have resorted to using Autotone more than obviously, which is an artificial effect that eliminates any detuning or error when singing, so it would be difficult to sound bad.

And while it was previously more difficult to access these tools because they were within special programs and payments, it's now extremely easy to find apps that offer that precise service, have the autotune effect, and tune your voice to levels so impressively that they're unbelievable. That's how this tool works.

Keep in mind that obviously, not all the options we find to download are going to be 100% reliable, neither of high quality nor much less. Now, this is where Voloco comes in, one of those apps that are recommended, and that is the best option for those who want to try the autotune effect.

This app developed by Resonant Cavity, what it seeks is to align our voice with the notes of the track being played, process it, and broadcast it in a fully edited way, in which they highlight pitch-shifting effects, vocoder harmony, and voice encoding.

Using all the tools provided by this app is something to take care of, with the clear objective of not passing us in terms of the effects, because these can be quite powerful.

Now, as for the operation of The Voloco itself and the steps that must be followed to use it correctly, once we download the app, enter and accept the permission of the microphone they request, we will be shown in detail, the procedure that we will have to take to apply a basic Autotune to our voice, which is as follows:

– The first thing to do is to click on the "+" button in the app lobby on the home screen.

– Select Record Audio or Record Video if that's what you prefer and move on.

– It is time for truth, the time to select the vocal effect, and the other factors that will determine the result of the recording.

– In effect, you can choose the type of autotune you want, although for now there is only one free package, the so-called Initial Package. Already as for the others of pay, highlight some such as Chilling, P-Tain, Duft Pank, among others.

– Now in the Mix section, you can adjust the volume of your voice and the music track, staying in the way that suits you the most. There will be other sections that you can configure previously, as is the case of Note and EQ/Reverb.

– Once all of the above is ready, you can press the red button to start recording and you're done. Remember to refresh your throat a little and practice without the program to be really prepared.

– Next to the red button there should be another button with the symbol of a musical note, and that's where the soundtracks you can choose to be in your recording will be.

– When you're done, save the recording and listen to what you just created.

Voloco is an app that already has more than 10 million downloads and that shouldn't be a fluke. Initially, it turns out to be free, although to have all the functions you will have to pay a subscription of $4.99 per month, or 24.99 per year.

Below we leave the Voloco link for you to download from Google Play for free.

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