Artificial intelligence to transform photos into drawings, free and from the web

Dibujos IAAlthough we have seen other really surprising advances in demonstrations of graphical manipulation applications developed with artificial intelligence, they usually do not go beyond the display of their results, as research material.

Among the applications that use this resource, there is a free drawing generator that processes photos with AI, to generate such illustrations.


AI drawing generator

The tool in question is Image to Sketch. Unlike other applications or photo filters, the results that can be obtained with this utility are actually superior.

Without the need to register, simply access the Image to Sketch website. On its cover, a box appears on which you can drag the image you want to process. Similarly, you can click (or tap from your mobile) the center of the box to display the file browser and choose a photo.

Image to Sketch allows you to work with large images, 5000 x 5000 pixels, in PNG or JPG format.

Once an image is selected, after a short waiting period, a list of 10 results will appear, undergoing different treatments under the AI of this platform.

Each of the illustrations obtained can be downloaded in good quality separately, in JPG files.

Image to Sketch

Image to Sketch promises to be a privacy-friendly platform. The transfer of images is done through an encrypted connection and after being processed, they are removed from their servers.

This service is completely free at the moment. As noted in their FAQ section, they have plans to implement a payment mechanism in the future, but for the deployment of new advanced features.

The platform works perfectly from both mobile and desktop browsers. Among other planned plans is also the launch of apps for iOS and Android, which are already in development.

Considering the quality of the drawings obtained, these can be used in a wide variety of graphic designs. Strictly speaking, the limits in that respect are set by creativity.

A useful resource that can complement the work of this tool is the use of some automatic image vectorization system (or do so manually,  if you prefer), to preserve one of these drawings at the best possible resolution.

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