Casio unveils its first G-Shock watch with Wear OS: robust design for sports outside and inside the home

Casio has unveiled its latest off-road watch, the G-Squad GSW-H1000 is the first model in the G-Shock family to use Google's wearable operating system, Wear OS. It is designed to follow all kinds of training outdoors and indoors.

Wear OS integrates with Casio's features and activities to deliver brand-specific watch faces with data collected by all sensors equipped with the device. One of the advantages of Wear OS is that it supports more apps available from Google Play to install on your watch.

The G-Squad comes with a titanium housing and aluminum buttons to withstand bumps during exercise. It is also waterproof at a depth of 200meters, perfect for extreme sports lovers. Casio ensures that the G-Squad can accurately monitor 15 outdoor activities and 24 indoor activities.

Next to your titanium housing, you are accompanied by a 1.2-inch double-layer round screen. First, there is the monochrome panel that always stays on showing the time and a few data as the classic Casio watches did. Meanwhile, secondly, there is the full-color LCD screen with which to view maps and other more precise functions.

Among the sensors that this off-road watch integrates are GPS, a compass, a barometer to track sports activities, and other sensors to measure user health such as heart rate sensor, blood oxygen saturation, and sleep and stress control. Its battery presents a day and a half of autonomy through the color display, although with the "multi-clock mode" it could reach the month of autonomy.

It is a fairly complete watch that offers altitude metrics, tide charts, and road status information. Interested buyers will be able to choose between red, dark blue, and black colors for the case.

It is scheduled to go on sale in May, at the moment it is only known to cost about $700 in the United States, but the company has not given much indication of its availability. Casio offers in some countries alert interested buyers to be the first to know about the launch of a particular model.

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