Epic games store added non-gaming pc software to its catalog

Epic Games Store

During the last time, Epic Games has caught the eye for several events related to its areas of activity. Its store, Epic Games Store, made headlines among the Internet gamer community, releasing some eye-catching titles from its catalog for free.

New news comes from this software distribution platform, which will no longer focus only on games. Epic Games Store now also introduces a collection of computer apps, which promises to grow over time.

It's not just games that the Epic Games store lives on

Titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, World War Z, or Civilization VI, put Epic Games Stores in the spotlight when released for free through this platform, almost a year ago.

At the time, the trend pointed towards a profile closer to Steam, showing Epic's intention to make his store more competitive, amid a period marked by a sharp increase in web activity, as a result of confinement in much of the world.

Although activity within this store has followed a similar course stably during the recent period, the last announcement made around the platform defined the new course that the project is taking, focused as a platform of a more universal character for software distribution.

Presenting as recent integrations to your catalog the Brave browser, the 3D 2D design tool KenShape, the Krita painting app, music apps, and podcasts like iHeartRadio (North America only) and Spotify, plus the standalone game store itch.io.

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The latest addition mentioned makes an important difference between this and other stores of competing companies, such as Apple or Steam themselves. It sets an important and curious precedent for the incorporation of an alternative app store, which can be downloaded from another store.

Itch.io houses creations by independent developers that, because they are not fully related to the curator of Epic Game Stores, are not eligible to join their catalog directly. However, being a trusted platform, it meets Epic's criteria to be distributed across its channels.

This announcement was communicated by Epic Games Store, through its official blog. Making it clear that this is just the beginning of a new course taken by the platform, it was announced the incorporation of the Discord messaging applications and a few months ago acquired by Epic, Houseparty.

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