GeForce Now and free to play: the free video games you can play on any device

The times when a big investment was needed to enjoy the best video games have passed. GeForce Now allows you to play all kinds of new features and free video games on any PC or device.

In the past, before buying a video game you had to read the list of technical requirements and analyze each line: graphics card, RAM, processor, hard disk space... Fortunately, since 2020 you don't need to be up to date with the features of your team to be able to play, your internet connection is enough.

NVIDIA Dia released GeForce Now a year ago with the intention that any user could access the latest video game news from their computer and without making a big investment. This platform has served to increase access to a multitude of video games and has continued to grow during all these months.

It is a stable, comfortable, and powerful service that puts almost 1,000 games within reach of subscribers, a large number of them free. GeForce Now is an opportunity that no amateur can miss. Let's tell you all the details.

Play wherever and whenever you want

When choosing what to play, GeForce Now subscribers don't have to worry about what the requirements are to enjoy a video game without technical problems or that the graphics don't have enough definition, they can be carefree and select the one they want at that time.

GeForce Now cloud games are activated on any device or platform. The same is because they are computers, mobile phones, tablets, or TVs. This system is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android TV, Android, Chrome Browser, Safari Web Browser...

They also don't have to feel tied to any device, they can start the game on the computer in the morning, continue on their mobile on the way to work, and end it on the TV from the sofa. The steps to follow to achieve this are very simple and are condensed into just three: create a GeForce Now account, download the app and link the library to Steam, Epic Games Store, or Ubisoft Connect. From there you only have to enjoy it without worries.

RTX technologies on any computer

NVIDIA is the world's leading leader in graphics card development, so it knows what the needs of video game fans today and, almost more importantly, their demands are. When launching GeForce Now they took into account that they were incorporating the best technologies into their service.

Thinking about some of the most important video games today means realizing how necessary an RTX card can be. However, with this platform, you will have this hyper-realistic lighting ray tracing with unsurpassed reflections, shadows, and global lighting on your monitor or device screen.

You can don't worry about updating your graphics card, just have a computer with an internet connection and the GeForce Now subscription to play instantly without any of the limitations or incompatibilities that many suffer from their computers, whether they are gaming models or the most basic ones.

Free games and the latest demos

GeForce Now doesn't just serve to access the titles you already have, it's also the gateway to the latest demos and free games, always in a very simple way and without having to spend a penny.

In the same application, you can search and test a large number of them. If you don't know where to start among the nearly 100 available, you have the option to search for them based on the store or the genre you want. You want first-person shots? Through GeForce Now you'll find a few well-known ones.

And the same with simulation video games, independent, strategy, sport, arcade... From the recent demo of Outriders to Counter-Strike, Apex Legends, Fornite... All the ones you need so you always have to choose.

Also, new titles are constantly being added to the catalog and at the end of February, all of these arrived: Art of Rally, Curse of the Dead Gods, Eve Online, Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk, Might & Magic Heroes VII, Observer System Redux, Old School RuneScape, Outriders demo, Project Highrise, Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos, System Shock demo tank and Mechanic Simulator. Do you get an idea of what the GeForce Now the user has in his hands?

The most important news on the market... compatible with any device

as you've seen, two aspects stand out when looking at the GeForce Now catalog. The first and most obvious is the number of titles the subscriber has at a single click. The catalog is so extensive that it is difficult to think that no option appeals to you at any time, regardless of your taste.

But it's not just the amount that hosts a range of titles well known to everyone. It is also to be added that you can find Cyberpunk 2077, Control, Fortnite, Metro Exodus... In short, video games attract especially attention today.

If you think that one of the games only works for a specific device, such as your computer or console, you have to forget that possibility. With GeForce Now, they are all available for any type of device and you have the feeling of enjoying RTX technologies also on the tablet or mobile where the platform app is installed.

Playing at an unbeatable and worry-free price

All of this we've discussed now is part of the features of the service offered by NVIDIA and which anyone can subscribe to right now. Because if you're a video game fan or need to disconnect with today's most addictive hobby, you don't need to invest in powerful equipment or get hold of a wide range of games: all of that you'll find here.

As soon as you enum in the GeForce Now program you have what you need to play instantly. It will only be a matter of choosing what you want to start with and at the end of the game, you can forget about any concerns. It doesn't matter to switch to another game, come back whenever you want, either in a few months, and you'll see that the game has been saved forever as it's a video game you own.

These days mark one year after the launch of the online gaming cloud service that has the advantage that any purchase will belong to you forever. NVIDIA wants you to always enjoy to the fullest and without limits.

You can currently activate the free version of GeForce Now that allows you to try the different games for a limited time, or go directly to Founders, who for 27.45 euros offers priority access, extended duration, and the star of this service: RTX activated. As soon as you try it, you'll be amazed at the technology NVIDIA puts at your disposal today.

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