Google Assistant gets smarter with its latest update

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Google Assistant is getting an interesting update that enhances its dynamics. Thanks to the new features it improves your understanding of the context in conversations and the user experience.

For example, as mentioned by the Google team, the user will be able to teach them how to pronounce the name of their contacts or friends, even when they are complicated, or the writing and pronunciation of the names are different.

This will prevent conflicts between your pronunciation and how you have it recorded in your contact book. Once you go through this "learning" process, Google Assistant will remember the pronunciation to use it whenever you need it, without having to save a voice recording.

At the moment, this update is only available in English, but they plan to extend it to other languages shortly.

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Google Assistant improves context compression

And on the other hand, it's improving the understanding of the context in conversations, allowing you to adapt to the way each user speaks without having to follow an established structure. A new dynamic that implements BERT technology.

A technology that was developed under Google AI Research in 2018, and that uses the potential of artificial intelligence. It was implemented in Google Search to not only register keywords in a search, but also take context into account. That way, you can know exactly what the user is looking for.

This dynamic will be applied in this first stage to specific actions related to temporaryizer tasks and alarms, but they plan to extend it to other scenarios. And on the other hand, Google Assistant learns from the interests that users express to make interaction and responses more fluid and accurate.

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