Google maps now lets you search for information about recycling sites

Google Maps is adding more information to business listings that will help users locate recycling locations.

Google Maps

Google Maps is adding more information to business listings that will help users locate recycling locations.

So by traversing the profiles of verified companies, users will be able to see where clothes, plastics, waste, bottles, etc. are recycled.

Google Maps now shows recycling locations on company listings

As seen in the images above, companies will be able to add in their listings, through their Google My Business accounts, if any recycling process is carried out on their premises. And of course, they will have the options to specify what type of items can be recycled... plastic bags, electronics, household waste, etc.

Google Maps can show eco-friendly locations and businesses - SlashGear

And users will find this new "Recycling" section within the Info section, along with the company's contact details. Of course, this information will depend on merchants completing their business listings with the corresponding data, although Google Maps will also ask users to contribute to this initiative by mentioning whether the places they have visited also have recycling points.

So we can add this additional information when we leave a review of some venue or establishment, beyond the usual details we usually leave with our comments. This Google initiative is now available as of today, so we'll soon be able to see these places directly from Maps.

The Google team has announced different updates for Maps in recent months focused on protecting the environment and giving users more options. For example, you're shifting your approach to suggesting routes to consume less fuel rather than just focusing on the fastest routes. On the other hand, another function that is being implemented in a staggered way in different countries is the one that alerts drivers when they are about to pass through areas with low emissions.

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