How to recover deleted files on SD card for free

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Unintentionally deleting files from an SD card is something that happens often: we all have oversights and accidents happen all the time. Therefore, if it has just happened to you, you know that you are not the only one and that, fortunately, you have at your fingertips some solutions to recover deleted files on an SD card.

When we delete files from an SD card, in most cases they are not completely deleted until they are overwritten. Thanks to this, if you realize it in time and stop using the card immediately, it may not be all lost and it may be possible to restore the files.

To be able to carry out this task you will need a program like Disk Drill 4, which is capable of recovering deleted files from an SD card, including SDHC, SDXC, microSD, CompactFlash cards, XD cards, Sony Memory Stick, MMC cards, and virtually any memory card. It works not only for accidental data erasure, but also in case it has been formatted, if it is corrupted or corrupted and your computer cannot read it, and even if it has been infected with malware.

The application is available for Windows 10 and Mac, and below we will explain step by step how to recover deleted files on an SD card on both operating systems.

Instalar Disk Drill Windows 10

How to recover deleted files on an SD card in Windows 10

First, we will tell you how to recover deleted files on an SD card in Windows 10 with Disk Drill. First, download the program from this link. You can download the executable file completely free of charge, and to install it you only have to follow the prompts of the wizard.

Wait for the installation process to complete. Once you're done, boot Disk Drill and connect the device containing the card or your SD card reader to your computer. In the Recovery tab, you can see the tree with the drives connected to your PC. Select the SD card in question and press the Lost Data Search button.

Once the analysis is started, at the top of the window you will see a blue progress bar, while at the bottom of the window the program indicates how much time is left to complete. In the middle, you can check the number and type of files the disk drill will find, which can be images, videos, audios, documents, and other files.

Disk Drill

As you can see below in the screenshot, the number of files is indicated in a red balloon next to the file type. You don't have to wait for the analysis to finish to view the files, you can review them at any time by clicking the Review Objects button.

Reviewing the files Disk Drill has found on your SD card is very simple. In the left column, you can see the different file types (images, video, audio, documents, files, and others), so you can filter depending on the file type. If you wish, you can use the keyword search engine at the top to, for example, search by extension or by name.


Then, in the list of found files click on the eye icon of each of them to be able to see a preview. This way, you make sure it's the file you're looking for.

Check the box for all the files you'd like to restore and click the Recover button. Choose the destination folder and wait for the recovery to complete. As mentioned above, Disk Drill allows you to recover up to 500 MB for free. If your files exceed this size, you'll need to upgrade to Disk Drill PRO.

Disk Drill

How to recover deleted files on an SD card on Mac

To recover deleted files on an SD card on Mac OS X 10.8.5 or higher, the first thing you have to do is download Disk Drill. Double-click the DMG file and follow the prompts in the wizard to install the program on your computer.


As in the case of Windows, you can download the application completely free to scan your SD card for deleted files. Until you're sure the files you need are recoverable, you won't need to upgrade to Disk Drill PRO. Remember that you can recover for free up to 500 MB.

Then connect your camera or SD card reader to your computer and make sure you do so in mass storage mode (it will appear as a disc in the browser window). In case you can only communicate with the card using the MTP protocol, you will not be able to recover the files.

After connecting the camera or SD card reader, boot Disk Drill 4, click the Storage Devices option in the Recovery section of the left menu and then select the SD card that contained the deleted files. Tap the Lost Data Search button to start scanning the unit.

Instalar DiskDrill

SD card analysis can take more or less time depending on its capacity and features. At the top, you will see a blue progress bar indicating the progress, and at the bottom is the time left to finish the scan in hours and minutes.

As Disk Drill finds files, it will tell you using a balloon located in each file type, as you can see below in the screenshot. You don't have to wait for the scan to finish to see the files that have been detected, you can see them immediately by clicking the Review Objects button.

In the Review Objects window, you can see a summary of the files Disk Drill has found on your SD card. In the left column, you can filter the results based on the type of file (images, videos, audio, documents, files, and others). You can sort the list of results by name, modification date, size, and type. If desired, you can filter the files by size and hide the duplicates from the Filter By icon in the upper-right corner of the window. Also, you have at your disposal a keyword search engine.

Disk Drill Mac

It is important to review the preview of the files the disk drill has found. To do this, double-click its name or tap the eye icon. Check that they are in perfect condition and select the files you want to restore. Remember that you need to upgrade to Disk Drill PRO to recover the files.

When you're ready to restore your deleted files, check their box and click the Recover button. Then select the folder where you want the files to be copied and click the OK button. Wait until the process is complete and Disk Drill will show you a message like the one you can see in the following screenshot.

Disk Drill has a lot to offer and you will find it very useful not only to recover deleted files from an SD card but also to recover data from your computer, photos, music, and documents deleted from your computer, deleted partitions, and much more. 

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