Huawei MateBook D15 2021, analysis and opinion

The year 2020 was very strange for Huawei. It was the first period in which they suffered the full weight of America's vetoes, something that mainly affects their mobile phone market and, in fact, launched mobiles as interesting as the Mate 40 Pro -analysis- and the P40 Pro+ -analysis- that arrived without Google's services.

However, when it came to laptops, Huawei increased its sales considerably from the previous year,which is explained because they still had Intel microprocessors, also began incorporating AMD Ryzen and had Windows 10.

In this period they have taken out very interesting laptops in the high range, but without forgetting the laptops for users who want a laptop for office, a family team or to study.

Elegance per flag with an all-screen front and a somewhat wasted keyboard

Let's start the review of the Huawei MateBook D15 2021 talking about design. Huawei is doing things very well in this regard and have found very clear design lines that they have maintained over the generations and, in addition, in the different price ranges.

If we see it open and at a certain distance, we may think it's a MacBook, but we'll start to see the differences right away. For starters, the display occupies 87% of thefront, which means that the frames are extremely thin in this range. Specifically, 6 mm on the sides and another 6 mm on the top.

The chin is somewhat wider and is where we have the brand logo, but wait...don't we have a camera at a time like this when video calls are key? Yes, we do, hidden under one of the upper keys. I love this Huawei solution because it allows to reduce the screen frames and we have an elegant privacy solution, but the angle is not the most flattering.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021
The keys are a good size and we'll go into details, but it's in sight that they don't take advantage of the space what they should. There's a lot, a lot of 'air' left on each side and it's something I understand because the panel is 15.6" and needs space, but since you don't want to put a mechanical keyboard in, put the speakers up there instead of at the bottom.

If we close the lid, and since we talk about the bottom, we have a speaker on each side, as well as a wide slot that serves to make the only fan take fresh air that expels at the junction between the body and the screen.

On the left side we have an HDMI, a USB-A and a Type-C which is also the charging port. On the right side we have a 3.5 mm jack and two other USB-As.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

I would have liked some more USB-Cs by now,but considering the target audience, I don't think it's a bad choice the company has made. However, what I really miss is that I don't have an SD card reader.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

On the front we have two microphones for video calls.
 And, with the lid closed, we have the Huawei logo on the center of that cover. It is a very, very elegant laptop that is built, completely, in aluminum. We don't see plastic in virtually any millimeter of the chassis, which is good news for heat dissipation.

And we can't say it's an Ultrabook because of the size of the panel and the 16.9 mm thick,but its kilo and a half weight is quite discreet considering the dimensions of the laptop and, in addition, Huawei promises that it is most resistant.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

According to the company, they have tested the keyboard, pc at high temperatures and humidity conditions, hinge life tests and fingerprint sensor to make it a rugged equipment. Speaking of fingerprint reader, I think Huawei has one of the best implementations on the market.

Located on the power button, it has a technology that allows us to read the footprint when we press the button to turn on the computer or return from sleep and thus unlocks and enters our session automatically.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021
It is a detail that I love since I first saw it in one of its teams and I am happy to see it in this range.

Good IPS panel with color management and speakers that give the size in multimedia

Weight and design is important, but when it comes to truth, so we're going to spend more time with the screen. In this case, we have lights and shadows due to an IPS panel that has good features to view content, but which lacks a dot of brightness and contrast to highlight.

We have already mentioned that we have a diagonal of 15.6" and the resolution is FullHD, which translates into this laptop in 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. And the screen format is 16:9. Personally, I like it to be 16:9, but I would have understood that they set up a 16:10 panel.

The second seems more successful to me for certain office tasks, but the first one also applies perfectly to creating content and, when consuming content, it is better because much of the content we consume on video-on-demand platforms and, above all, YouTube is at 16:9. There's no catch there.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

However, the screen lacks some 'strength'. The contrast is 800:1 and it's what makes some colors not how 'crunchy' they should be. When it comes to working it doesn't matter, but when we watch a video you do notice that some contrast is missing.

The brightness is also 250 nits. It's enough for an office environment or to be at home, but if you get next to a window you'll miss a little more shine. What I like is that there are no light leaks, at least in my unit and the typical viewing angles of the technology - 178o - are perfectly fulfilled.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

Beyond that, Huawei has tried to take care of our eyesight with the T-V Rheinland certification which basically ensures that the blue light emission is low and that flickering is also reduced. Both characteristics favor being able to work for more hours without feeling visual fatigue.

And one thing that's also right is the tool to customize the color and tone of the panel. It's very simple, yes, but we're going to be able to put a reading mode that filters the blue light and, also, we're going to be able to manage the color temperature. I'm warm because I think it makes up for a little bit of a lack of contrast and I like that temperature.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

We don't have HDR at the screen level, but by software we can emulate that HDR for streaming videos that tries to compensate for the lack of contrast. It works well in most content, but in some I have noticed that it burns the highlights. This is a standard feature of Windows 10 and the Display Configuration Tool.

One thing that complements the multimedia section is obviously the sound, and in this case we have a pair of speakers located at the bottom of the computer. They are two speakers of 2 W each and sound reasonably good, with well-sized bass and a high volume... when the laptop is resting on a surface.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

And it is that, it has the typical mal of the Windows laptop that has the speakers in this area, since it does not serve to offer a good sound with the PC on the knees. Yes, it should not be used in those conditions, but being realistic... we all do.

It's usually not a catch, but considering that at the top, on both sides of the keyboard, there's plenty of room, I don't understand why put them down there. But well, they are solvent under optimal conditions and the truth is that they are very convincing to consume content.

Intel has done things right with the eleventh generation and has extras if you own a Huawei mobile

And performance takes care of Intel's eleventh generation. Specifically, the Intel Core i5-1135G7 with four cores and eight wires. The frequency is 2.4 GHz with a 4.2 GHz turbo and features an integrated GPU, an Intel iris Xe at a frequency of 1.3 GHz.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

It is accompanied by 16 GB of DDR4 memory at 3,200 MHz and the SSD is 512 GB NVMe PCIe. It is a very good hardware and you can tell that Intel, although not able to drop from 10 nanometers, offers a device that has impressive power per W.

As you can see, in 'gross' power, the eleventh generation i5 behaves great,but before talking about its performance in applications and in the day to day, I would like to highlight the speed of the SSD.

In the end, power and a good SSD make daily work as enjoyable as possible. This allows you to open applications very quickly, have good virtual memory if needed, and also have a fast computer rest/boot.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

In fact, returning from rest is practically instantaneous and turning on/off only takes a few seconds, offering a very good experience in this regard.

Well, really, the experience these weeks with the MateBook D15 2021 has been like a raft ina river of oil, since I haven't had app closure, everything has gone fast, I've worked comfortably with a couple of dozen Chrome/Edge Chromium open, I used Capture One or Photoshop when the situation required it, Spotify App and everything, absolutely everything has gone fast, fluid and keeping the type in temperature.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

With the use of office and photo editing with export of batches of heavy photos, at no time have I felt heat in the chassis and, in fact, with a monitoring tool I see that the CPU is usually kept between 30o and 35o when I am working in Chrome, going up to a peak of 40o when I do something heavier, like using Capture One.

In this sense, Intel comes back to heart with its efficiency and the consumption is also surprising, although we'll get into that later. And the dissipation takes care of both the aluminum chassis and a CPU fan.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

About Windows 10 there is not much to say that you do not already know and we have windows 10 Home on hand with the latest updates installed. One thing I love about Huawei is that it doesn't put antivirus tests or intrusive software.

I don't know if it's because they can't or by company policy, but I really appreciate it. the only thing we have that is not native to Windows is the color configurator that we have already mentioned, as well as the PC Manager program which is, in fact, very interesting.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

If we click on the 'M' in the lower right corner of the screen we will display a window that allows us to see the latest open documents, we have the latest texts that we have copied in a kind of repository and, if we want something else, we can open the configurator to update the controllers, control the power profiles, connect our Huawei mobile as a second screen and, in addition, connect a Huawei compatible with NFC to pass us data.

And it is that, yes, the laptop has the NFC system Huawei Share, as well as Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1,which means that it comes to the latest in both hardware and software.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

In EMUI, your system on Android on mobile, deeply customize what Google has, but on computers I appreciate leaving Windows 10 'clean' and that what they add, in fact, adds to the user, and not the other way around.

You'll be able to type for hours and the touchpad meets, but watch with writing at night

I am talking all the time about good work in office and in a professional and university environment, I think it is critical to have a good keyboard and touchpad. Keyboards are usually very good on virtually every laptop, but there are times when touchpads aren't up to the level and are in fact desperate. Luckily, that's not the case.

We have a very low profile keyboard with very quiet keys. The touch is good thanks to a rough texture, but it's not as premium as it should because you can tell that the characters are stickers on the keycap. It's not a glitch, but it's a detail that jumps into view when the light hits the keyboard in a certain way.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

The feeling when typing is very good and yes, if on the desktop you have a mechanical keyboard and you move to the laptop, there will be a few minutes of contact in which you will have to get used to it, but after that time the writing has seemed comfortable and fluid.

There are some key combinations, such as Fn +P that allow you to activate the maximum performance mode without having to go looking for the option with the mouse and the webcam is, as usual in Huawei, hidden under one key. If we press it, it opens and we can start communicating.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

And, well, it's an ingenious privacy solution, I like the idea, but execution doesn't seem good to me. It's not, at all, a flattering camera, but it's no longer just something aesthetic, it's that if we're going to type while we're in an online class, in an interview or in a work meeting, fingers appear on screen like gigantic spider legs.

I understand that it is done to reduce frames as much as possible and that it is a privacy solution, but I do not like it. and... no, we don't have a backlitkeyboard, and the truth is that it misses it. For the 850 euros it costs, I think I should have it.

The topuchpad is generously sized and the click system is only in the bottom half,but it is comfortable, accurate, with good acceleration and the surface has seemed comfortable.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

I usually work on a MacBook and the touchpad of MacBooks is the best on the market and I usually have a period of adaptation to those that come on Windows laptops, but in this case I have not noticed a loss of productivity.

The large, panoramic format takes advantage of the space available in the chassis, which is very useful for Windows 10 gestures.

Huawei mobile strength continues to fit on its laptops

Something fundamental in a laptop is the battery and, in this case, we don't have a battery that stands out on that of its rivals, but it does have a very good fast charge. The battery is 42 Wh and, in our tests, I have had about four-five hours of autonomy in performance mode (not at peak performance).

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

It's something that's becoming a standard and yes, you can scratch for another hour if you use a more conservative profile, but that limits the CPU on some tasks and it all depends, of course, on what you're doing.

What I really like is the burden. In 15 minutes we can have 50% of the battery and, little by little, it reaches 100% in hour and ten minutes.

This is one of the features of Huawei mobiles for several generations and they are also implementing it very well on their laptops. The charger is USB-C 65 W and has a very compact size that allows you to store it easier to travel and, in addition, you can charge other devices with it, so it is a guarantee.

However, if charging is USB-C, give me one more USB-Cport, Huawei, as I may want to use this port which is already universal while I'm charging the laptop. For example, to pass data from my phone, camera or any other device.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

In addition, Huawei mobile concerts, we can use the USB-C port to charge the devices, also with reverse fast charging. We don't understand why only with certain high-end Huawei terminals, but good.

If you need a laptop for home or college, the MateBook D15 2021 puts eyes on you

We reached the end of the analysis of the Huawei MateBook D15 2021 and it is a very clear example of the company strategy: to carry a very clear design line throughout the laptop segment with differences between ranges, yes, but getting everyone recognizable. Create a brand identity, without going any further.

Analisis Huawei MateBook D15 2021

It delivers great performance thanks to an Intel processor that is, it is not as exciting as AMD Ryzen, but that allows any user who wants the laptop as a 'home', studio or even office computer without having to work with intense 3D programs to perform their work without any problem.,

The heat dissipation is excellent, the aluminum chassis feels quality and I have spent hours and hours (and I will still do it until Huawei picks up our equipment) typing on a keyboard that I find very comfortable.

It's not perfect because the brightness and contrast of the screen fails and I think the speakers and camcorder might be located in another area, but for office use, by performance and price is one of the best purchases of recent months if you need 15.6" and top performance.

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