iMacs arrive with an m1 chip, and with a more elegant and compact design

Nuevo iMac de Apple

Continue the transition from Apple desktops to the Apple Silicon processor platform with the introduction of the new 24" iMacs, computers that will fall in love at first sight.

If iMacs were already iconic Apple equipment, the fact that this new generation reduces its volume by 50%, being more compact and thin, is looked wherever it looks, also coming in seven different colors: green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and silver.

Joining Apple's M1 processor family of computers

Add to this the arrival of Touch ID for the first time to an iMac that facilitates logins and secure purchases with Apple Pay, among other aspects. But if that wasn't enough, the arrival of a Facetime 1080p camera, high-quality microphones, and a sound system made up of six speakers, then better than better.

All this also joins its excellent 4.5K 24" Retina display, which also features an anti-reflective coating to prevent screen brightness, the integration of True Tone technology modifies the color temperature as the lighting of the environment changes, also offering 11.3 million pixels, a wide range of P3 colors and more than one billion colors, in addition to 500 nits of brightness.

Apple says these computers can cope with even such demanding tasks as editing high-resolution photos and 4K videos, all thanks to the M1 processor, also present in the new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini, presented months ago.

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At the performance level, Apple also adds that:

With the power and performance of M1 and macOS Big Sur, the new iMac instantly wakes up from sleep, daily tasks feel faster and smoother, and apps start with amazing speed. In Safari, users can browse even faster and run hundreds of tabs at once, and in Photos, users can quickly review edits of their images

Regarding experience and integration anywhere, Apple states that:

The new iMac offers the best MacOS Big Sur experience. Its refined design brings a new level of power and beauty to the Mac, allowing users to experience the spacious 24-inch Retina 4.5K display to the fullest. macOS Big Sur puts more controls within reach of users and is packed with improvements for key apps like Safari, Messages and Maps

There is also room for respect for the environment:

The new iMac is minimizing its impact on the environment, built with a low carbon aluminum housing and 100% recycled tin in the welding of its main logic board. One hundred percent of the wood fiber from the packaging is recycled or comes from responsibly managed forests. Speaker magnets, fan motor and power connector are made of 100% recycled rare earth elements

The new iMacs can be booked from April 30, going on sale during the second half of May, with a price starting at $1,299 or $1,249 for an educational institution.

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