Neuralink's first product will allow us to use a mobile with the power of the mind

A few days ago half the world was impressed to see a monkey playing Pong with the power of thought, something possible thanks to the brain implants of the Company Neuralink, owned by Elon Musk. At the moment it's just a demonstration, but Elon Musk has already given clues as to what the next step is: to create a brain-computer interface that allows users with paralysis to "use a smartphone with their minds faster than someone who uses their thumbs."

The information was made on Twitter, along with the video of the monkey we discussed earlier. They will have to work hard to take the promised step, in fact, it can be years before you see this first product able to interpret brain activity and send signals to mobiles, but well, the promise is made, now you just have to take the popcorn and wait seated.

In addition to being able to control mobiles with just thinking, he also believes that he will be able to work on devices for the visually impaired, although he has not given details, he has only answered one question from one of twitter's followers with an "Absolutely feasible":

Possibly in version 2 of the Neuralink device, most likely version 3.

On the size of the implant, it will be imperceptible once implanted, implanted flush with the skull, and charged wirelessly, so it looks and feels totally normal, as indicated by Elon Musk.

At the moment we don't know when it will be used in a human brain, but everything seems to indicate that we won't have to wait more than 5 years to see "magic" in our brains.

A monkey playing with Elon musk's neural link brain implant without using his hands (

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