NVIDIA, TSMC warn: chip shortages until 2023


There are no chips or at least there are not enough to cope with the current high demand. TSMC, a manufacturer par excellence of semiconductors and supplier of virtually every technology company on the market, is involved in a complicated situation that will not end in 2021.

The shortage of chips is something that big companies already live with, we've seen it in NVIDIA and the dripping of its new graphics.

This situation seems to have no end, the CEO of TSMC, C.C. Wei, has warned that it may last throughout this year and the next. 2023 would be the year in which scarcity would begin to subside.

The main problem is that it puts the industry in check, from consoles to graphics cards and processors, all these components carry chips and are being affected by this scarcity.

TSMC has already made efforts to try to address this problem, this year it made a million-dollar investment, 30 billion, aimed at expanding and improving production capacity.

Chip shortages will continue until 2023, according to world's largest chip  foundry - Channel Asia

This figure is part of a total of $100 billion that you will invest over the next three years, although some part will go towards creating new production plants. 

Large companies like Intel have announced that they will invest capital,$20 billion, to build two new factories to try to alleviate chip shortages.

The interesting thing about Intel's investment is that these plants will not be intended for the manufacture of blue giant processors, but will offer their service to third parties.

The situation will improve, but it will be quite a while before everything is finally normalized. Most likely, with the creation of the two new factories, they will be able to cope with demand, but the problem is the time it will take to get to that point.

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