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Google's assistants, like other well-known attendees, are extremely useful in day-to-day life, but they always need to know our data, access our accounts, to offer the service.

Today Google introduces a new option that will help respect our privacy while using its assistant.

Google indicates in a note that they don't save audio recordings and that we can even ask things like "How do you protect the privacy of my data?"" or erase activity from our Google account with: "Ok Google, delete everything I told you this week," but now they've taken it a step further.

Guest Mode Is Now Available On Google's Smart Home Devices

Guest Mode

Just say "Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode" (or "OK, Google", of course) and that way interactions with Google Assistant will not be saved to your account, so you won't even need to delete them later.

In this mode, you can ask questions, ask for news, set timers, control smart home devices, play music, ask for time... although, logically, you won't be able to get calendar entries or access contacts.

If we want to know if we have it enabled or not, we can ask "Is Guest Mode enabled?", although when activated a special sound is emitted and a Guest icon appears on the screen.

To disable it, simply ask for it: "Disable Guest Mode", thus regaining access to private information.

Guest Mode can also be useful when guests are at home, so anyone can use it without any requests being left in our history.

You can learn more at the g.co/assistant/guest mode.


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