Plasma stable at more than 50 million degrees, closer to controlled fusion

reactor fusión

Having a system capable of generating energy based on nuclear fusion, that is the most desired goal of humanity, something that could guarantee a virtually inexhaustible and completely clean energy source.

Until now nuclear fusion was only functional in sci-fi films, such as spaceship engines powered by the same energy that "lights up" our Sun, atoms that come together generating energy, and a new non-radioactive component (hydrogen transformed into Helium, for example.

The point is that a well-known company in the nuclear fusion research sector now claims to have reached a critical milestone. These include TAE Technologies, which notes that its reactors could generate power on commercial scales by the end of the 2020s.

They comment that they are able to produce stable plasma at temperatures above 50 million degrees Celsius, more than double the temperature of the Sun's core.

TAE is not the only one working in nuclear fusion, there are others, such as Commonwealth Fusion Systems or General Fusion, but it has been APR that has managed to give very good news in recent years. Six years ago he demonstrated that the design of his reactor could hold the plasma indefinitely, meaning that a fusion reaction can continue indefinitely, once it has begun.

The company has now managed to raise an additional $280 million in the financing, bringing its total to $880 million.

At the moment they only have the plasma, the company has yet to generate energy, since at the moment what is obtained is very little. What they have done is demonstrate the science behind them, now they have to create the technology necessary to create sufficient conditions for the power generation of fusion reactors.

Korean artificial sun sets the new world record of 20-sec-long operation at  100 million degrees

It's possible that saying you'll have it ready this decade is very optimistic, but it seems to be closer than we thought.

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