Samsung launches its new tracking tags to find objects with augmented reality

Samsung presented its new location tags, the Galaxy SmartTag +, although they will only hit the market on April 16.

This new proposal promises to find your keys with much more precision than the previous version of the SmartTag since it implements UWB technology and the potential of augmented reality.

New Galaxy SmartTags with augmented reality

This Samsung device boasts a combination of technologies that will make it easier for users to find their lost belongings. Like the SmartTags launched at the beginning of the year, this new version has Bluetooth technology, but also adds UWB or BUA radio technology that more accurately tracks the location of objects.

And as a plus, it takes advantage of the potential of augmented reality technology so that users can see with the mobile camera where their lost object is. Thanks to AR Finder, the user can have directions on the mobile that will guide them to the location of the object.

And if the object is not visible to the naked eye, because the keys have been lost between the cushions of the sofa or the wallet fell under the armchair, you can set it to emit a sound. So no matter how distracted you are or how many times you have lost your keys, this new proposal from Samsung will greatly facilitate the process of finding them.

However, there are some details that you should keep in mind. For this dynamic to work, you will need a Samsung mobile with UWB technology, such as the Galaxy S21 +, Note 20 Ultra, S21 Ultra, or Z Fold 2. And of course, have the Smarthings Find service on your Samsung mobile, which opens a range of possibilities beyond finding the lost objects inside the house.

This new Samsung tracking device will be available from April 16 at a price of about $ 40.

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