Telegram adds programmed voice chat on channels


Telegram brought the audio rooms, in one of its latest updates, with a new alternative for users to communicate ClubHouse-style.

 It was already possible to communicate as a group using voice chats, and then this same model was extended to the channels. And now Telegram is going for more: scheduled voice chats.

Telegram tests programmed voice chats on channels

If you liked the dynamics of voice chats on channels, you'll soon have a new feature that enhances this feature. Yes, the possibility to schedule voice chats will be added.

There is already an option that allows channel administrators to record voice chats at any time, and share them with the audience when they finish the process. But this new function proposes a different dynamic.

They will be able to choose the date and time of the new voice chat to scheduling them as if it were an event. What happens when they schedule a voice chat? Channel subscribers will see a counter in the chat marking how long it takes for voice chat to play. It's a great choice for creating expectations among the audience as the countdown temporaryizer will always be visible in chat.

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And on the other hand, it can help distracted users not to miss the content, as they can register it in time. The possibilities are many, and you can join the tricks of Telegram to make the most of the app.

The dynamics are very simple, both for administrators and followers, so it will be a function that will become indispensable to maintain interest in channels. At the moment, this new voice chat feature is being tested in one of the beta versions of Telegram, both on iOS and Android, so you'll have to join this program if you want to see what it's all about. Or you can wait for scheduled voice chats to move to the stable version of Telegram.