The best way to clean your phone screen without damaging it

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Mobile, like other electronic devices, is susceptible to getting very dirty throughout the day, and considering that these are devices that constantly approach the face, hygiene is never more extreme, and more so in the times that run right now. But it is also important to know how to clean your phone without deteriorating your screen.

There are certain actions, such as using a hand sanitizer or compressed air that is not only not the optimal way to clean your phone but can also spoil your screen, or make your screen's performance noticeably worse.

Therefore, you must take into account what things to do and which should not to clean your mobile without damaging the screen or cause it to wear out.

What to do to clean your phone without breaking the screen

Mobile screens have evolved a lot in recent years, and not only in terms of their technology and resolution, but also in their coating and their protection against water, so it is important not to deteriorate that protection with certain chemicals. At least until the self-set screens arrive.

If you're looking to disinfect your phone while cleaning your screen, the best thing you can do is pass it a disinfectant wipe that contains about 70% alcohol and is not abrasive, so that the screen can be cleaned properly, but without deteriorating the oleophobic layer that many smartphones usually have on their surface.

But not only is disinfection important, but so is cleaning, and if you're just looking to remove stains from your phone screen, a microfiber cloth is a great option to do so, as it offers a very good result, especially in combination with distilled water, which leaves your phone extremely clean.

On the other hand, if your smartphone has IP67 or IP68 protection against water and dust, you can also spray your phone with water to clean it. It does not need to be submerged, and in fact, it is not recommended, since even on resistant mobiles the warranty covers these damages.

Tips for Keeping Your Smartphone Clean – Samsung Global Newsroom

What you should never do to clean your mobile

While there are some useful tips when it comes to cleaning your phone, indeed, there are also practices that can jeopardize the integrity of your mobile, and that's why you should never carry them out.

First of all, it is to use a disinfectant gel that does not follow the above indications on the mobile screen, since it can impair the integrity of the device, the best thing, as you have read before, is to use an alcohol-based gel of about 70% and that is not abrasive.

On the other hand, it is also not advisable to use any type of grease cleaner or glass cleaner, as it can also spoil the oleophobic layer that many smartphones carry on the screen.

Using compressed air is also a bad choice, especially for the microphone, as it can make their performance worse and less sensitive. In fact, some companies like Apple actively discourage it.

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