The first private quantum computer already has a recipien

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We have been talking about quantum computing and the revolution that will be associated with this important leap for some time, but so far these computers have not achieved too many practical uses or areas outside the companies that develop them. However, the first private team already has an assigned home: a Cleveland hospital.

Cleveland Clinical Hospital will have a quantum computer with which it will investigate the human genome and other areas in an ambitious project that it will carry out with the help of IBM. As announced, this technology will be combined with artificial intelligence and a cloud-oriented approach.

The computer that IBM and Cleveland Clinical Hospital will control will have the ability to process more than 1,000 bits for health research.


The collaboration between the clinic and the well-known computer manufacturer has been going on for more than 10 years. This seems to be an ideal time to make the leap to quantum computing in a pandemic context that serves to highlight research in these fields.

IBM will be the first computer of its kind to leave its premises. For years we have seen the news about the advances that the company is making with quantum computers and the house that has sought it seems that it will serve to show some of the uses that its research has in a field that still arouses many doubts.

We'll see if the collaboration leads somewhere and the use of the equipment finds in the hospital. At the moment, some vital details have not been transferred, such as who will control the computer or more detailed technical information about it, but that IBM is already outputting its quantum computers is more than remarkable news.

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