The Samsung Galaxy S22 with Olympus camera would look so impressive

Samsung Galaxy S22

Although until next year we will not know the Galaxy S22 series, in recent days rumors have appeared that have directed the attention of the international media towards Samsung's flagship of 2022.

Specifically, it is said that the South Korean brand could close an agreement with Olympus, the popular Japanese photography company, specializing in optics and imaging. Leaks suggest that the two companies could partner for the development of upcoming mobile cameras, including the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The information was revealed by Twitter user Yogesh and is also backed by the popular leaker Ice Universe, which through the Chinese social network Weibo explained that its sources claim that this is a true news story. However, neither Samsung nor Olympus has confirmed anything yet, so we need to take this information with caution and quarantine it until there is more data.

Here's how Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may look after getting Olympus camera  tech - RPRNA

Now that everyone is talking about the possible agreement between Samsung and Olympus, it's taken time for the first renders to appear that show us what the Galaxy S22 might look like with an Olympus camera. The images have been made by graphic designer Technizo Concept for LetsGoDigital, and show us how impressive the terminal would look with its portentous photographic equipment.

In recent weeks it has been said that Samsung will play with the idea of a mobile with a 200-megapixel camera so that the artist has used this information to incorporate it into his sketch. In the renders, we can observe a terminal with a lens of 200 megapixels with extra-large size, ideal to receive the maximum possible light and improve the quality of the snapshots with poor lighting.

The information that has been leaked so far does not refer to other possible camera features of the Galaxy S22, so this is all we can say at the moment.

To get to know the new Galaxy S22 series you'll have to wait until next year, but the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will appear on stage first. We'll see if the rumors are right and it's the first Samsung mobile with an Olympus camera.

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