These are the best Bluetooth keyboards for iPad that you can buy

Turn your iPad into a complete laptop with the help of these keyboards. All are compatible and you will be able to write more comfortably both small and large texts.

If you have an iPad you keep using it every day, as if it were your personal computer or because you "burn" it using YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ and any other streaming app you can think of, you can bring it to life thanks to a Bluetooth keyboard.

iPads work surprisingly well with most Bluetooth keyboards. With one connected you can not only write long texts faster, but you can also turn it in many cases into a replacement for your laptop.

Not that an iPad can 100% replace a laptop, but on many occasions, you'd be surprised what it's capable of replacing, such as if you're a person who writes text documents.

With these Bluetooth keyboards on offer, you can turn your iPad or virtually any tablet into a laptop with which to do basic tasks. They are also available on Amazon with free and fast shipping if you enter yourself on Amazon Prime.

Logitech Keys-To-Go

Logitech Keys-To-Go

Logitech Keys-To-Go is one of the most interesting options for those looking for a keyboard to use sporadically of high quality. It is designed for use with an iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, or Mac as it has keys for this operating system.

It is totally in Spanish and its keys are of a very short route and all under one that they call FabricSkin. This protects against anything entering the keys, or dirt or splashing.

The battery lasts up to 3 months of use and features a low battery indicator. It even includes an iPad stand so you have it next to the keyboard at a good angle.

Logitech K380

Logitech K380

This loom has become a classic to use with an iPad and your computer and even with your mobile. Logitech K380 is something special because it has Bluetooth synchronization with 3 devices. With the press of a button, you can switch your device and continue using it without moving to menus or settings.

It is a rigid keyboard with short-traveled membrane keys and a curious round key design.

A good keyboard compatible with all operating systems, including Windows or macOS, and already has almost 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

Teclado Bluetooth 1 By One

Bluetooth Keyboard 1 By One

A perfect choice for tablets that in addition to the keyboard is combined with a touchpad, is this 1 By One Bluetooth keyboard.

The keyboard has a Spanish layout and is very compact. Perfect for traveling with him. If you have an Android tablet you can use it with the touchpad as soon as you connect it, with an iPad you may need to follow other instructions.

Once set up, you can use the touchpad to move around the iPad interface like a laptop, making working with an iPad a much easier task.

Teclado para iPad Omoton

Keyboard for iPad Omoton

This keyboard, a clear clone of Apple's keyboard for your Macs, is the Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Omoton. A device is compatible only with iOS and with a Spanish distribution of Spain.

It's designed to be used with an Apple tablet of any size, from iPad minis to 12.9" iPad Pros. It has keys designed to use with iOS and also has a dock to leave the iPad and that you have a good viewing angle while typing.

Teclado plegable Poweradd para iPad

Powered folding keyboard

This is certainly a fairly special keyboard for iPad users and is that its folding design allows it to occupy very little and still be of a full size, like traditional keyboards. It is of the Poweradd brand and is available now.

Its design allows it to bend on two sides to occupy half and make it easier to take it back and forth. But it is that in addition to the keyboard has a touchpad compatible with iOS and iPadOS.

A compact keyboard reminiscent of ThinkPad keyboards with the possibility to use it with a touchpad without occupying much space.

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