Twitter now allows you to add stickers to fleets

A new feature was added to this social network space, now allowing you to add stickers or GIFs to Fleets.

Publications in the history format, such as the examples mentioned at the beginning, went from being the novelty of a few years ago to a standard option, present on most common and massive online communication platforms.

Outside of the social networks that in particular made this format their own in its beginnings, it can now be found on platforms that escape that same dynamic, as in the cases of Slack, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

In the case of Twitter, its Fleets have been operational since November last year. Recently, a feature already known on other similar platforms was added, which had pending its premiere on the popular microblogging network.

Stickers and GIFs on Twitter Fleets

If you've ever used a platform that allows you to post in story format, you're sure to be familiar with this feature.

Through an update that has already been released, Twitter mobile app users can now add these stickers to their stories, following the same known dynamics. The feature is available in both the Android app and the iOS version.

The announcement was officially communicated via the Twitter support account, attaching a video summarizing the main developments in this update.

To add a sticker to a Fleet, simply tap the smile icon that appears on the screen when designing your post. The options displayed through this feature offer to add a series of animated stickers made by Twitter, a selection of own emojis (called Twemoji on Twitter), and GIFs that can be found in the Tenor and Giphy databases, the latter being the property of Facebook.

It's only been four months since the Fleet's official deployment on Twitter. So far, the deployment of this feature has been limited to the construction of an environment similar to that we have previously known from other platforms.

However, an interesting phenomenon might occur once these functions are consolidated. By then, Twitter would have the freeway to deploy innovations with a more its own touch, depending on its plans to renew the functioning of the social network and the experience they seek to provide to its users.

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