What we expect to see at Apple Spring Loaded, Apple's event this afternoon

Apple Loaded Spring

Here's what we can expect from Apple's event this afternoon at 19:00, an Apple Spring Loaded that could resurrect multi-colored iMacs and in which we expect to see the new iPad Pro, a redesign of the iPad Mini, and more devices.

After a week in which we had no public presentations, the companies return to charging and it is not, strangely, Xiaomi, but an Apple that will celebrate this afternoon the Apple Spring Loaded, it's already a traditional spring event in which we will see new hardware.

As always, when Apple announces the logo of its event, many users start looking in detail at any possible hidden track, and the truth is that the event logo, as well as different leaks, point to a new generation of iPad.

However, some rumors and leaks are not missing from the appointment and that may or may not become a reality. And then we tell you what we expect from Apple's event in order of most likely to, unfortunately for many users, less likely.

Maquetas de iPad Mini 6 y los nuevos iPad Pro

New iPad Pro with 5G support and revamped screen for iPad Mini

Laptops and, above all, tablets are devices that by 2020 saw their sales increase. This is logical when you consider that millions of users have chosen to renew equipment in a global pandemic situation where confinement has caused us to make classrooms and offices home.

iPads remain an important part of apple's market and are expected to start in spring-loaded. There's talk of three iPad models that could be two iPad Pros and a new iPad Mini.

According to reports and leaks, the screen is expected to increase brightness, improve energy efficiency to increase autonomy, and also have a better contrast ratio, so they would not only look better but would be more versatile.

We don't know if iPad Pro will finally make the leap to miniLED technology, but there's talk of 5G connectivity on those more advanced models. On the iPad Mini, the rumor points to a redesign with smaller frames, something that's needed in that family.

And why are we expecting new iPads at the Apple event? If we look at the logo, it looks like it's created with an Apple Pencil, a device that, for now, is only compatible with iPads and could also indicate augmented reality, something Apple has also tried to boost on its tablets.

airbags, the Apple labels rumored for every company event for months

Maybe, now that they've been released by Samsung, Apple's AirTags will finally make an appearance. These are those 'tags' that many of us have been using for years - tiles that can be purchased for just 20 euros- but are now on the palate of many users because Samsung and Apple are in the garlic.

These are Bluetooth devices that we can associate with objects to find them with the mobile if we lose them, but that we can also associate with different Homekit actions, in the case of Apple, to turn on home devices or, supposedly, start routines.

As I say, airbags have become the company's new triple charger, as it is rumored at every event of the last held, but it doesn't end up appearing. However, today may be the good news...

iMac rediseño

The new iMac with M1 and revamped design

We believe that the new iPads and AirTags will be the protagonists, as well as some iOS-exclusive software features on iPad, but many users are finally waiting for the next generation of iMac.

Also, they are expected to arrive with an all-screen front, such as that of the company's monitors, and with that M1 processor (or M1X) that would allow converting even the most basic iMac into a powerful computer to edit video and perform any office task with great speed.

Now, we talk about the new iMacs in this Apple Spring Loaded both for the desire and for the filtered redesign and because the logo has many colors, a palette that would fit the filtered image of the new iMac.

According to the leaks, Apple would appeal to nostalgia and present the new iMacs as the successors to the youthful spirit of the original iMacs, the 1998 ones that came in various colors.

Will we see AirPods 3?

They haven't been so cackled, but it's clear that today is a good day for Apple to introduce AirPods 3. It wouldn't be the first time Apple has introduced headphones at its spring event, and in fact, a few months ago analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, very close to Apple, was launching AirPods 3 by mid-2021.

Being in late April, we wouldn't think it would be a bad date for such a presentation. Also, it pointed to a revamped design that would follow the lines of the AirPods Pro, with a shorter cane and silicone pads.

They would not offer active noise cancellation, but with the pads, you would earn a lot in terms of comfort, audio quality, and passive cancellation.

Here's what we expect from today's Apple event, and as always, you'll have all the information on the web as it unveils.

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