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E-commerce ceased to be an emerging trend. If there were any doubts about this, this period marked by the pandemic has cleared most of the questions in this regard.

If you manage an e-commerce platform, the following resources could help you optimize your web presence. As is often the case in these cases, most of the tools in this area are paid for, but in particular, those listed here offer quite generous free plans.



This tool provides a heat map of your website, pointing to the specific areas of the web where browsing is predominantly focused.

This tool, which can be used as an add-on for Google Analytics, allows you to track the behavior of your buyers when visiting your web store and thus design optimizations that enrich the browsing and shopping experience.

Depending on the volume of traffic your site focuses on, you can access different payment plans to use this tool. However, to begin with, a free plan is also available, limited to the registration of a thousand sessions per month.

Link: Inspectlet 



An important part of marketing the products you have for sale online, whatever their category, depends on the reviews your buyers share about the products in your catalog.

Bigcommerce, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, Magento, Salesforce, and a long etcetera of services and platforms are currently supported by Yotpo. Through them, depending on the form they integrate, they can be collected and exhibited by the AI behind this service.

The price of this platform varies depending on the volume of sales and reviews your store records, but in an introductory way, they offer a free plan with space for 50 monthly transactions.

Link: Yotpo 

Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate FAQ

Una de las ventajas de WooCommerce (o más bien, de WordPress y su ecosistema de plugins en general), radica en su esencia modular, que permite construir una plataforma personalizada, agregando las funciones que deseemos a través de plugins.

For e-commerce sites built under this platform, this free plugin can help optimize the circulation of key information, which could reduce the number of repeated queries to attend to.

Basically, the dynamics consist of the elaboration of one or more collections of FAQs, which can be integrated into specific sections of the store, using a shortcode.

Link: Ultimate FAQ 



Customer service platforms are generally benefits provided under a paid modality, given the nature of the services involved.

Usually, to enter between these tools, the most common freeway is limited to a limited-time trial. However, among this spectrum, we highlight one that offers a permanent free plan.

This platform allows you to unify social media messaging channels, email, and other platforms, in a unified ticket system, which can be managed from the web or through mobile applications.

The free plan does not limit interactions, connections, or the number of service agents that can connect. Payment features are additional features such as priority support, shift management, and task automation.

Link: Freshdesk 



This solution is specific to the Etsy platform.

To scale within the collective catalog of a marketplace, as as is the target site, in this case, it is essential to perform a positioning process through the optimization of the content for searches that are carried out both on the portal, as well as outside it.

Here comes the importance of SEO optimization and for this particular case, Marmalade uses AI tools to analyze the searches of your customers and potential buyers, to connect with them.

To get started, it offers a free plan, but its business functions can be obtained only through a payment plan.

Link: Marmalead 

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